Hairline LoweringHairline Lowering

Hair transplantation for female hairline lowering is gaining popularity amongst women with thinning of the frontal temporal areas and congenital high hairlines and with those who have undergone cosmetic facial procedures. Naturally occurring male hairlines when applied to women do not achieve appropriate facial framing as a feminine look.

Compared to a male hairline, a female hairline is located much lower on the frontal forehead and also presents with softer and more subtle lines and curves. Notably in female hairlines, there is a widow’s peak in the mid-frontal area and there are lateral mounds to the left and right sides of the widow’s peak.

Furthermore, in females, the temple mounds are rounded compared to the temporal points which are characteristic of male hairlines. The lower female hairline with it’s soft curves created by the widow’s peak, the lateral mounds and the temporal mounds frame the face in a classic feminine manner.

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