3 Ways To Fight the Fat And Get A Beautiful Body

Sure, we all know that hours in the gym will help us achieve the perfect beach body, but what’s the answer when you’re faced with pockets of stubborn fat in hard to reach areas, or are struggling to get your body shape back after having a baby? You know the sort; muffin tops peeking out over shorts; bingo wings showing on the beach; and back fat ruining our sexy one-piece. Here are three ways to help you get that beach bod in time for summer…

1. Ditch the bad diet

You may be surprised by how much a difference your diet makes when it comes to body definition. The key to getting toned and showing off those muscles is to ditch the bad habits and cravings such as sugar and carbs and focus on protein. That means swapping the bread, chocolate and pasta in your shopping basket for meat, fish and vegetables. Of course you can still have carbs (they’re not actually the thing you need to avoid, sugar is what you need to stay away from) but do stick to small amounts. Try to find healthier alternatives as well such as sweet potato for normal potatoes. You never know, you may discover your new favourite food.

Talking of favourites, Yo Tea is fast becoming a very popular way to lose weight and enjoy a delicious cup of healthy tea. Try it, and you may never turn back!

Healthy fats are also fine so don’t shy away from a handful of nuts as a snack and be careful when it comes to things like ‘healthy’ fruit juices as these can contain high levels of sugar. Hey, nobody said that looking good was easy! It might help to keep a food diary. This will allow you to document exactly what you’re eating and where you can improve. The odd treat – a bar of dark chocolate or a glass of red wine – is perfectly acceptable. The key is to make small changes gradually. Before you know it, it will become your norm.

2. Get geared up for the gym

Blood, sweat and tears… well, sweat at least is needed in order to get rid of any remaining areas of fat. This means a mixture of cardio and more importantly strength-training. We’re talking four sets of varying reps, involving weights if possible. Of course, you need to be careful not to lift anything that’s too heavy for you and pace yourself. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or get injured.

In saying that, incorporating weights into your gym routine, increasing the intensity of your workouts and exercising regularly will see those pounds drop off in no time. If you’re unsure of what you should be doing and how to work the areas you want to work, ask the staff in your gym to help you or book a personal training session.

3. Investigate non-invasive fat burning treatments

One such procedure is Cooltec at Thérapie Clinic. This non-invasive body treatment provides visible results by freezing and breaking down fat cells located deep beneath the skin’s surface to give you your dream body. An ideal solution for those hard to tone areas such as the thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms – Cooltec can be used all over the body, and if combined with other treatments can maximize inch loss and help you drop a dress size and sculpt a gorgeous figure.

So what exactly happens? In a nutshell, Cooltec breaks down the fat cells by extracting thermal energy from the layer of fat under the skin – in other words, the fat is frozen until it naturally dies and is removed from the body through excretion.

With no down time and only a mild tingling sensation felt by most patients, Cooltec really is the easiest way to get your body bikini ready.

Another great option that helps to get your body back in shape so you can strut your stuff on the beach or in that slinky new dress is VelaShape, an anti-cellulite treatment that not only helps to get rid of pesky dimpled and flabby skin, but also helps to re-sculpt your body after pregnancy or weight gain.

Getting that beach body doesn’t have to be that difficult, so check out the body treatments available at Therapie Clinic to see how you can get a helping hand to look fabulous.

For more information on Cooltec or any of the great body treatments at Therapie Clinic, give them a call on 1890 650 750 or book your free consultation below.