Adult Acne Epidemic

In a recent study of 800 people over the age of 24, more than 25% of males and 50% of females suffered from adult acne breakouts.


Acne Breakouts


We expect it as teenagers, but modern lifestyles mean that middle aged women in particular increasingly suffer the misery of bad skin. It’s hard to control, and as celebrity acne sufferers Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz can no doubt testify, no amount of make-up will ever conceal a spot effectively.


Teenagers tend to get spots through the ‘T’ zone; the area across their forehead and down their nose and chin. In adults, red bumps and pimples tend to appear around the mouth and jaw line. It can be very upsetting and makes people very self conscious.


What Causes Acne?


Similar triggers to teenage acne cause it to appear later in our lives-overproduction of oil, fluctuating hormone levels- also cosmetics, certain medications, stress and excessive sweating. Adults can often get acne on their chest, back and shoulders; quite embarrassing when those areas are exposed.


Oil that usually lubricates the skin can get trapped in blocked ducts and appear as a spot. Hormonal changes can sometimes cause the enlargement and obstruction of sebaceous glands in the skin, causing angry-looking breakouts. A lot of people report an increase of acne when they’re stressed; and many tend to over- wash their skin in an effort to clean it and get rid of the pimples.


Unfortunately this only makes it worse as the PH balance of the skin is very sensitive, so over-drying it by too much washing and scrubbing leads to over production of oil in an attempt to compensate, which in turns leads to even more acne. A truly vicious circle.


How Can I Fix It?


A professional skin therapist can help determine what type of treatment would best suit you, depending on the type and frequency of your breakouts. Correct use of treatments with products like Dermologica after proper evaluation and mapping of the face will help regulate the sebaceous glands, kill acne-causing bacteria, shed skin cells that are blocking follicles, and sooth the redness that the inflammation has caused.


Adult Acne Treatments


Thérapie Clinic provides a number of acne treatments and effective solutions for the treatment of acne. Specialist facials, Microdermabrasion, scientifically proven chemical peels and treatments like the very effective JetPeel facial work well and help normalise the skin.


Can I get rid of Acne Scarring?


One of the main issues that acne sufferers despair of is the scarring it causes. Pitting to the skin leaves a moonscape-like appearance and is really hard to camouflage. There have been some pioneering advances made in the treatment of acne scarring, and now you have several options. Most involves breaking down the top layer of the skin where the pitting is concentrated, to reveal the smooth, undamaged skin underneath.


The natural tendency when you have acne is to constantly touch it, scrub it, try out different topical solutions and worst of all, pick at it. Don’t, as this just leads to more scarring. You’ll need some help in addressing it for a more permanent solution.


A skin specialist will discuss the best route for you at your consultation. Phone 1890 650 750 or visit our acne treatment page.


Acne Treatments – Before and After Pictures

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