Botox in the UK – Your treatment options

Botox in the UK
Over recent years, Botox in the UK has become a mainstream treatment. In fact, its uses are growing with Botox treatments for conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating. Here at Therapie Clinic, our speciality is using Botox injections to enhance your natural looks. Here are some of our most popular Botox treatments.

Botox brow lift
The Botox brow lift has gained lots of attention with many celebrities rumoured to have undergone this treatment. The ageing process happens to all of us at some point whether we want to admit it or not! One of the ways in which this can show up is with a slight dropping in the brows. You may also experience frown lines between the eyebrows.
But the great thing about a Botox brow lift is that not only do the anti-wrinkle injections treat the frown lines that may appear between your eyebrows, but they also elevate the eyebrows. This can make the eyes appear wider.

Botox for the forehead
Botox injections are most known for their ability to make fine lines and wrinkles vanish! They do this by relaxing the muscles that form the wrinkles. One area that people tend to become acutely aware of these furrows is on the forehead. The wrinkles here can be larger and more obvious.

That’s why Botox for the forehead is one of our most common treatments. In fact, it is popular with both men and women. Yes – Botox is for men too! The result of these anti-wrinkle injectables is that you can lift your eyebrows in surprise and there not be a wrinkle in sight.

Botox for a gummy smile
Another treatment option is Botox for a gummy smile. Some people find that when they flash their big grin, the upper lip draws back quite far and reveals a large amount of upper gum. This is due to how much the muscles are contracting.

Botox injections, however, can be used to target and relax these muscles so that the upper lip continues to cover the gums when you’re smiling. For those that have spent years feeling self-conscious every time they smile, Botox for a gummy smile can give them new-found confidence.

Book the best Botox in the UK
Not only does Therapie Clinic offer the best Botox in the UK, but we also have a special offer. When you buy two areas of Botox, you can get a third area free. That means those three areas of Botox cost just £199. We’re an award-winning aesthetic clinic that offers a modern and relaxing atmosphere for your treatment.
We even have over twenty clinics offering Botox in the UK, including Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield and Kent. Once you’ve found your nearest one, you can book your Botox consultation online or alternatively give us a call on 08000 121 565.