Caught the Zoom effect? Maybe it’s time to try Botox

Botox is a great non surgical way to help you look your best in Zoom meetings [image]

It’s been a long series of lockdowns! And while it seems we’re on the road back to some kind of normality, it’s been a tough time for everyone. Constant Zoom or Teams calls have meant that we’ve been seeing more of our faces, and catching glimpses of frown lines, and the occasional new line or wrinkle as we work through one to one meetings from the comfort of our homes – and that’s now known as the Zoom effect!

Since we’ve come out of Lockdown the popularity of Botox appointments has skyrocketed. But while the Zoom effect is real (because we’ve never scrutinised our faces more), experts agree that the demand for Botox is about much more than that. Rather than being spurred on by vanity, many of us have experienced a change in both the way we see ourselves and in how we feel – two things that have always been interlinked. And after a difficult year and the complex emotions that come with this, addressing a fine line or two may just feel like a way to lift your spirits.

So, what IS the best way to tackle fine lines, wrinkles and frown lines? If  you’ve been thinking about how this then you’re probably no stranger to the fact the Botox, is the still World’s leading anti- ageing treatment. But is this really still true and why?

Thérapie Clinic is Ireland’s leading Botox provider, and for the last twenty years they have provided medically led Botox procedures to thousands of customers across Ireland and the UK. Team Thérapie knows all there is to know about Botox and today they take us through the reasons why Botox is still the best way for you to keep your wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

I Googled my symptoms, turns out I just need Botox! [image]

It’s tried and tested

Botox has been around for more than twenty years and because of this, it has been well tried and tested around the World. In fact it’s now one of the oldest non surgical cosmetic treatments on the market. Because of this it has the credibility of a proven track record and patients know that it’s safe and effective. It’s also FDA tested and is a non surgical and non permanent way to bring back a little youthfulness to your complexion. When you’re choosing a cosmetic treatment safety is key – and Botox offers that. For the best results, team Thérapie recommend that you have your treatment at a medically led Clinic, where you’ll get the best and most effective results every time.

It’s SO effective

At Thérapie we LOVE great skincare and as retail partners to some of the industries biggest names like Environ, Murad and Image Skincare we know that your skin will reap the benefits of a great skincare routine every day. Botox will compliment an already great skincare routine making your skin, and it’s new glow unstoppable. And speaking of skin – if you are ever going to invest in only one anti-ageing product – a good sunscreen should be the one. Using SPF means you are protected against UVA and UVB rays. Such damage can break down the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin firm and plump and overtime can lead to premature signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation. Check out the Thérapier Clinic app for the best deals on some of the World’s leading SPF’s.

It’s not invasive

One of the great things that Botox offers is that it doesn’t involve downtime – and discomfort is very minimal – in fact your treatment will be over in a few minutes. Botox is not permanent and is minimally invasive meaning you don’t need to prepare for surgery or take time off the day after your treatment. In fact you can head back to work after your treatment or go home immediately making it very accessible for everyone who wants to try it.

It’s very accessible

Most of us live very busy lives – often just about juggling home, work and family life. If you’re interested in getting Botox, you should know that it’s a quick treatment and that your appointment can fit around your availability – Thérapie Clinic has flexible opening hours.

But what about location? If you want to try Botox then chances are there is a Thérapie Clinic near to you – as the UK and Ireland’s leading Botox provider Thérapie has over 54 Clinics. You can find the one closest to you by downloading the Thérapie app and searching locations.

Botox is for everyone!

Team Thérapie tells us that one of the most asked questions about Botox is – who are anti wrinkle injectables for? The short answer is that they are really for anyone who is interested in them.

Younger men and women come to Thérapie for preventative Botox, and they also have a lot of clients that have just seen the onset of wrinkles and fine lines, who want to eradicate them before they get any deeper. Thérapie also has older clients who want to put a little extra pep in their step by adding a little glow back into their skincare routine – essentially men and women of all ages and backgrounds make up the Thérapie customer base – and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Botox stigma isn’t a real thing anymore, thanks to how long it has been tried and tested. So if you are a man or woman who is interested in Botox, now is the time to learn more – leave any worries or embarrassment behind, self care is a wonderful thing – and you deserve it!

Botox aftercare is easy!

One of the most important elements of getting Botox is to ensure that you take the aftercare recommendations seriously, they will not only ensure you get the most from your treatment but will also ensure you get the best results.

Although it’s vital, the good news is that Botox aftercare is relatively straightforward. So what do you need to consider? Essentially you just need to take extra care of the area that has been treated. That means resting as much as you can afford after your treatment, and avoid touching or putting physical weight on the area. And it’s time to give the gym a miss for a day or so too, you will need to avoid physical exercise if you can the day of and after your treatment.

Although it might not be something that you want to consider, some people will get a small amount of bruising after their treatment. This is not something to worry about, but it is something to be aware of before your treatment. If a bruise does occur it may take a few days to appear, team Thérapie recommends using Arnica (available from Health shops or pharmacies) to help clear the bruising. There are a number of things you can do to give you the best chance of not getting any bruising – avoiding alcohol and ibuprofen 24-48 hours after your treatment will certainly help. It’s a good idea to not wear make up for 24 hours after your treatment, if at all possible too. This is to help prevent infection. The team in Thérapie will run through a comprehensive list of aftercare do’s and don’ts in your consultation, so don’t worry you’ll be well prepped to get the most from your treatment.

Hello Thérapie Clinic – goodbye wrinkles!

Ready to say goodbye to that frown line or new wrinkle? The time is now. Thérapie Clinic is Europe’s largest and most experienced Botox provider. Your best interests, and providing a safe and experienced environment for your treatment is top of their agenda. Thousands of happy customers have vouched for the professionalism, expertise and leading market care that they have given throughout the years during every Botox procedure.

With almost twenty years of experience, and having conducted over 5 million treatments, they continue to be the first choice of many celebrities and well known faces across Ireland and the UK.

With a string of well established clinics across Ireland, the company carries out Botox procedures by a Doctor-led team of professionals with years of experience. You’ll be in the best hands possible for your treatment with team Thérapie, that’s for sure.

Contact the team in Thérapie Clinic, Ireland and Europe’s top Aesthetic Clinic today to book a consultation and find out more about Ireland’s most popular, and trusted Botox provider.

Download the Thérapie Clinic app and book a free consultation to meet their team for a one to one consultation which will give you the answers to all of your skin concerns.

They’ll guide you every step of the way through the before, during and after of your treatment – it’s time to say hello to new glowy skin and goodbye to the onset of fine lines and wrinkles!