Hey London – Botox is for men too!

Botox in London
Okay, we all know that Botox in London is a popular aesthetic treatment. There are clinics in shopping centres and high streets, making it easily accessible. Plus, with advancements in technology, Botox treatment has become incredibly affordable in recent years.

But what we’re perhaps not so open about, is that Botox is for men too. While they might be less keen to admit to having anything done, the number of men coming through our doors at Therapie Clinic is growing. Here’s what Botox can do for men.

Botox for crow’s feet
The most common anti-wrinkle injection treatment for men is Botox for crow’s feet. These are the small lines that can fan out from the corner of your eyes. These can be more prominent in men than in women.

The Botox injections relax the muscles and allow these to smooth out. That means that even when you flash your biggest grin, there are no wrinkles to be seen.

Botox for the forehead
How expressive is your face? Are you someone that uses your eyebrows to show surprise or confusion? If so, you may have noticed furrows appearing on your forehead. While men and women both experience these wrinkles, they tend to be deeper and more prominent on men.

However, Botox for the forehead can leave you silky smooth. Some people worry that they will end up looking frozen. But at Therapie Clinic, we specialise in giving you a natural look which means you can still move those eyebrows. You just won’t have furrows appearing across your forehead.

Botox the eyebrows
Another area that men commonly treat is between the eyebrows. Botox in this area can get rid of what is often nicknamed as the “11 lines”. These are the two vertical wrinkles that can appear at the top of your nose and between your eyebrows.

These often appear when you frown. However, over time they can become a permanent feature which leaves you looking a little on the grumpy side! But Botox can soon smooth these out and leave you looking friendly again.

Botox prices
As we’ve already mentioned, anti-wrinkle injections have become much more affordable over time. In many countries, Botox costs are based on how many units of Botox you have.
However, here in the UK, it is based on how many areas you have treated. At Therapie Clinic, we also don’t charge a premium for having Botox in London. We also have a special offer which means you can treat three areas for the price of two. For men, that’s just £235.

Booking the best Botox in London

We have delivered millions of treatments and are the leading aesthetic clinic in Europe. We’re about to open our seventh clinic in London. All our clinics are in convenient locations with fantastic transport links.
To book the best Botox in London, simply give us a call on 08000 121 565 or download our app from your app store.