Ready, set, glow with anti-wrinkle injections at Thérapie Clinic

When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, the clue’s in the name – anti-wrinkle injections stop fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks.

However, anti-wrinkle injections – known more commonly as Botox – work much harder than that, helping you look fresher and reinvigorated. This is how we do it at Thérapie Clinic.

The science
Botulinum toxin has been known for more than a century, but not until 1980 was the toxin found to be useful for a number of medical problems. Injections of this toxin have been used in cosmetic medicine since the early 90s. The toxin can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

When injected in small doses into targeted areas, anti-wrinkle injections block the signals between the nerves and the muscles, causing the muscles to relax. They reduce the appearance of lines to produce a look that is fresh, more youthful and, most importantly, natural.

Prevention and cure in one
Evidence suggests that as the muscle is trained to relax, and the overlying skin releases its wrinkle that it does help in the prevention of further lines from forming in that area. It’s the repeated contraction of the facial muscle whilst making an expression like smiling or frowning that caused the wrinkle in the first place, so once the muscle relaxes, wrinkles don’t form in the treated area until the effects of the injection wear off. Regular treatments mean the muscle stays relaxed, and wrinkles are kept at bay.

Help – I don’t want to look frozen!
Who does?! Our doctors – led by surgeon Paul Reddy – study your facial musculature and administer the right amount of product for you, for the most natural and subtle of results. The ‘frozen’ or unnatural appearance you sometimes see on celebrities happen as a result of over-treatment. The team at Thérapie Clinic have a deep understanding of facial aesthetics in both women and men, meaning they produce a look that is more youthful yet natural.

Choosing Thérapie Clinic
We are Europe’s number one aesthetics clinic, meaning our product knowledge and track record is second to none when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections. At Thérapie Clinic, we believe that true beauty comes from within; a result of being healthy and confident; taking the time to nurture your body, your skin, yourself. We take an integrated approach to beauty, helping our clients discover the best version of themselves.

With anti-wrinkle injections, the power is in your hands to make subtle adjustments to what you already have – Thérapie Clinic wants to be with you every step of the way to ensure your expectations are met.

Take the first step to a brighter you now – book your free consultation by calling 1890 650 750 or by emailing, or why not call in to one of our dedicated clinics across Ireland? Our therapists will be happy to assist you, whatever part of the journey you’re on.