Safe in the hands of Thérapie, Ireland’s No.1 Botox provider

Safe in the hands of Ireland’s No. 1 Botox provider – Visit your local Thérapie Clinic during lockdown
At home and got a little bit of time on your hands? Now could be just your chance to catch up on your beauty to do list – from home manicures to a good old face mask, because let’s face it now more than ever, we all need a little self care.

Of course now is also a good time to research some beauty treatments and procedures that you might like to try, but haven’t got around to yet. If Botox is one of those, then you’re in luck.

We’re here to break down the facts for you, as well as to tell you that Thérapie Clinic, Ireland’s No.1 provider of Botox and injectables remain open for you during lockdown, and why you couldn’t possibly be in safer hands.

Your first steps
Researching is an absolute must before you make any major decision, and having an aesthetic procedure is no different. Use your time to search the internet for testimonials – many successful and professional Clinics have their own YouTube channels. Ask your friends and family too, have they had a good Botox experience that they can recommend?

If you have done your research, consider this – how are you feeling about the procedure? A number of people worry about having an aesthetic procedure, but remember Botox is not invasive and the effects will wear away after 6-8 months, and once you go to a reputable, professional Clinic then you really do have nothing to worry about. Botox is the first aesthetic procedure that many people have considered, says Phillip McGlade CEO with Ireland’s well known high end Botox provider, so it’s natural that some may be anxious about what to expect.

‘Being nervous or anxious about your first appointment is very common. But rest assured that if you come to Thérapie for your procedure you’ll be in safe hands from the minute you come through the door. We run a Doctor led business and we focus on giving our patients a thorough and comprehensive free consultation with our medical team to assess their individual needs. If you know what you would like great, but if not don’t worry, we have twenty years of experience and perform thousands of Botox procedures weekly across our 40 Clinics in Ireland and the UK. Giving you the freshest most natural look post procedure is something we’re renowned for.’

Some good advice
But what if you’re interested in the procedure but don’t know where to start? Phillip has some simple tips that will help send you in the right direction, ‘One to one consultations are a must for anyone who is thinking about the procedure. Look for a Clinic with a Doctor led approach who offers you a one to one consultation ahead of your procedure. Remember that your skin, as well as any concerns you may have – lack of vitality, wrinkles, or just lacking a little sleep – are all individual to you, that’s why a one to one consultation is a must, and is a sign of a thorough and professional provider.

In fact asking a potential clinic about what the patient journey looks like is key to finding THE best Clinic for you, Phillip says. ‘Look for a Clinic that not only really values the importance of pre-procedure consultations but your aftercare too.Aftercare is a hugely important part of any aesthetic procedure. Asking questions about what the Clinic recommends in terms of aftercare, it’s often very indicative of their experience as a Clinic.

Mulling over it
Looking at the stats available, Botox certainly is the World’s leading anti ageing treatment. And, interestingly, the number of women aged between 19 and 34 having Botox has risen by 41% since 2011, according to studies by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Across Ireland today patients age vary from people in their twenties right up to their nineties, proving that more and more customers are getting Botox at every age.

Phillip thinks this is because despite what people think, Botox has been around a long time, ‘Botox has now been around for almost 20 years, there’s definitely been more of an acceptance of its place in the anti-aging market. But as well as that there’s been a pivotal shift in how we look at our faces over the last number of years, and also how we perceive ourselves and others. There is no longer a stigma attached to Botox or other types of fillers, in fact we can now see first hand that Botox is very effective in the treatment of wrinkles and it’s the top performing anti-aging treatment the World over for very good reason.

Also as a nation we’re more in tune with what our skin needs, we look after it with good products and great daily routines, and aesthetically we know if we go to an experienced Doctor led Botox Clinic, that the results can be amazing.’

Thérapie Clinic – Staying open for you during Lockdown
As Ireland’s No.1 provider of Botox, Injectables and Laser Hair Removal, Thérapie are delighted to remain open throughout all of their Clinics in Ireland for Injectable procedures and a Call & Collect service for skincare and vouchers.

If you are interested in getting your procedure over the next few weeks, then it’s time to call Thérapie, as Clinics are opening by appointment only due to high demand at this time. The good news is that if you’re ready to book your procedure then you’ll be able to avail of a really great saving with 3 for 2 on Botox injections. And if you’re interested in booking some other treatments for after lockdown, is the time to also get some great value – especially across Laser Hair Removal, with a whopping 70% off Laser Hair Removal courses and a special price available for underarm Laser Hair Removal at only €10 for a limited time.

What changes will I see in the Clinic during Lockdown?
Thérapie Clinic’s main priority is keeping you, and their team safe and well at this time. And because of that they have taken a long list of precautions to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is the top priority when carrying out every procedure.

To start with, team Thérapie will ask you to carry out your Consultation and Pre-Screening questionnaire online, please only arrive for your appointment at the designated time as waiting areas are not in use at this important time. You will notice that all Thérapie team members will be wearing full PPE including gloves, aprons, visors and masks, please remember that face coverings are necessary at all times when visiting the clinics and when having your procedure.

Other differences you may notice are that there are perspex screens at all reception desks, social distancing measures and floor markings are in place throughout every clinic space and that there are sanitization stations at the entrance of every Clinic. Patients and the entire Thérapie team are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival to the Clinic.

These measures are in place for your safety and the safety of the team, please respect them when you visit our Clinics, your safety and health is our priority.

Call Thérapie Clinic for your one to one Botox consultation today
Thérapie Clinic is Europe’s largest and most experienced Botox provider. Huge importance is focused on clients being treated by safe and experienced hands and the medical professionals at Thérapie Clinic advise clients on the treatment needed for specific concerns, helping to achieve natural, beautiful results every time.

With eighteen years of experience, and having conducted over 5 million treatments, they are the first choice of many celebrities and well known faces across Ireland and the UK.

With a string of well established clinics across Ireland, the company carries out Botox procedures by a Doctor led team of professionals with years of experience.

Contact Thérapie today to book a consultation and find out more about Ireland and the UK’s most popular choice for Botox.