The Importance of Having a Registered Doctor Administer Botox®

Cosmetic surgery and Botox® have become increasingly common. It’s not unusual to know someone who has had a small nip, tuck or injection. Just because the treatments are more common though, doesn’t mean you should consider them the same as any other salon treatment. Injections are still a surgical procedure, and more clinics offering Botox means a huge variance in quality. Do your research and remember that it is extremely important to get your treatment from a licensed doctor.

Here are a few reasons you should only receive Botox injections from a registered doctor:

  • The right treatment – Botox is typically used for individuals that want to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but the treatment isn’t right for everyone. People with certain medical conditions (such as nerve damage), for example, may not be able to receive Botox injections. Meeting with a registered doctor ensures that you receive the treatment that is right for you and your health.
  • The right recovery – You should not experience any downtime after a Botox treatment. Some people may experience slight bruising or swelling in the injection site, but this dissipates quickly and can be minimized when treatment is provided by a doctor who has proper training. Don’t risk losing time and money – a licensed doctor will ensure that there are no long-term side effects and that you can return to work and normal activities right away.
  • The right look – Your face is not easily hidden. Having Botox injected in the wrong quantity or location can make you look frightening or drastic rather than refreshed and youthful. Receiving treatment from a skilled and registered administrator means you will leave with the subtle look you wanted.
  • The right results – When administered correctly, the full effects of Botox can be seen from a few days to a week after injection and may last from three to six months. Getting treatments from an experienced doctor can give you longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Thérapie Clinic has registered doctors with years of experience to consult and administer Botox and other procedures. Treat frown lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet, with peace of mind that you are getting the best service and results.

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