What to do before and after Botox in the UK

Botox at UK clinics

Botox is back! The pandemic might occasionally be putting a hold on Botox at our UK clinics. But, right now, clinics are open and waiting to treat you. Yes, we are very excited too. But before you rush in, keep reading if you’re new to Botox. We’re sharing a few things you need to do before and after your Botox treatment to ensure you get the best results.

Before your Botox treatment

It sounds obvious, but the first thing you need to do is consider what facial areas you would like to treat. For example, you may want Botox for the forehead or crow’s feet around the eyes. However, if you have cold sores or are pregnant, then we will not be able to offer you Botox injectables.

Next up is to book your pre-treatment consultation. These are currently being carried out online. During this session, we’ll be able to carry out a facial assessment and discuss what you’re looking to achieve from your anti-wrinkle injections.

You’re then ready to book your treatment. While bruising is usually minimal, it’s best to plan your treatment around your social commitments. We know that these may well be lacking at the moment, which makes it a great time to get Botox treatment!

It’s also best to leave yourself a space of at least seven days before getting your injectables. This is because there are a few things you’ll need to avoid in the week before having your treatment. This includes certain vitamins, ibuprofen, and alcohol (sorry!). Taking these precautions helps to limit the amount of bruising you might get. Botox side effects tend to be minimal, but it’s always best to do what you can to avoid them.

After your Botox treatment

If you want fabulous results, then it’s crucial that you follow the Botox aftercare advice you are given in your post-treatment consultation. We’re sharing a few of them here as it will help you to book your Botox treatment at the most convenient time for you.

After having Botox, you will need to remain upright for around four hours. Lying down too soon can result in Botox “slipping” into other areas and affecting facial muscles that were not treated. For the same reason, vigorous exercise should also be avoided for 24 hours. You’ll also have to pack away the make-up for a day to prevent any slight possibility of an infection.

With these precautions, your injections will start work within a few days, and you’ll begin to see the results within a week of having the Botox injections. Feeling a little heaviness in the face as the injections start to work in this first week is normal. If it’s your first time having Botox treatment, we’ll also follow up with you after two weeks to check the results.

Book the UK’s best Botox

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