What you want to know about Botox for men

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Botox in the UK is growing ever more popular. It’s hardly surprising when you consider its affordability and the results it gets. The only other option that is as effective as surgery and most people do not want to opt for that.
But what might surprise some people is how popular Botox is becoming with men in the UK. The men’s personal care industry is rapidly expanding and is expected to hit $166 billion in 2022. In other words, men are taking far more interest in how they look.
While some men are happy with the rugged look as they age, others are wanting to maintain their smooth skin and youthful appearance. If it’s something you’ve been considering, then keep reading because we’re going to give you the facts on Botox for men, here in the UK.
What are the benefits of Botox?
One of the most significant Botox benefits is that they actually work! While fancy face creams might make your skin feel smoother, if we’re honest, they don’t remove fine lines of wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injections, however, do precisely that. They relax the muscles that are forming the wrinkles and, like magic, they disappear.
These anti-wrinkle injections are also non-invasive and have very few side effects. You can even get them done during your lunch break and then head back to work after.

What kind of Botox treatments can men have?
Botox injections can be used to get rid of wrinkles on your face leaving you with a rejuvenated appearance. For example, Botox on the forehead is a popular choice as this can be one of the first areas that wrinkles appear. Anti-wrinkle injections can stop lines and furrows appearing when you raise your eyebrows.
Another common choice is Botox for crow’s feet – the small lines that appear at the corner of your eyes, particularly when smiling.
Some people worry that they’ll be left looking “frozen” and unable to move their face. However, this is usually a sign that someone has had too much Botox. At Therapie Clinic, we prefer to give you a much more natural look.
How much does men’s Botox cost?
Botox prices are based on how many areas you have treated. Botox for one area costs £160, and we offer three areas for the price of two, which is £230. You can then expect these anti-wrinkle injections to last for up to four months before needing to have another treatment.
Get the best Botox in the UK
Therapie Clinic has successfully provided over 5 million treatments. Our medical professionals are highly qualified and trained so you can be sure that you’re getting the best Botox in the UK. We have twenty Botox clinics in the UK in cities such as Newcastle, London and Edinburgh. Find your nearest one and then call 08000 121 565 to book your appointment or get your online consultation here.