Is there a Cure for Cellulite?

Cellulite is the bane of most women’s existence; no matter what shape they’re in. Affecting women of all ages and weight levels, the dimpling and puckering is most evident across thighs, buttocks and hips.


Connective tissues under the skin are designed to keep this fat layer separate from the surface layer of skin, but if these tissues are overstretched, broken down over time or too taut, fat can push through.


Cellulite appears when fat cells pile into already full fat chambers under the skin, causing them to push through the connective tissues to the upper layer of the skin.

Anti-cellulite body treatment

Cellulite cannot be ‘cured’ per se, but there are effective treatments available to noticeably reduce the appearance of cellulite, and to stimulate circulation to help the body remove any built-up fluid or toxins..


The Murad Body Firming Treatment at Thérapie Belfast, Newry and Derry/Londonderry is one particularly effective anti-cellulite treatment that encourages the body to break down fat cells, reduce fluid retention and extract toxins.


During the relaxing treatment, your body is exfoliated in order to slough off dead skin cells and open your pores so you are ready for the next stage.


A powerful serum of pure Vitamin C is then applied all over the skin which is absorbed to through the layers of the skin.


The concentrated application of this nourishing and restorative vitamin is absorbed into collagen-producing cells, triggering an increase in new collagen which is main component of connective tissue.

Increase skin firmness

By generating new collagen deep under the skin, the connective tissues that were weakened, thus allowing fat cells to push through are repaired and strengthened with this new collagen.


With a reinforced skin structure, fat cells are less likely to get through the connective fibres, so the appearance of cellulite is lessened.


The final part of the Murad Body Firming Treatment is a deep massage.


This therapeutic massage further reduces the appearance of cellulite as it stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system which helps remove toxins and fluid away from the skin.


Exclusive to Thérapie Northern Ireland customers throughout May, the Murad Body Firming Treatment is only £49.


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