Broken veins, red veins or spider veins?

Broken veins, thread veins, red veins or spider veins; whatever you wish to call them, they are a highly common problem that, to some degree, afflicts much of the population. Affecting mainly the skin on the face and legs, although they can occur on the delicate décolletage, they are often a cause for concern and embarrassment. As your wedding day approaches, you may find yourself becoming ever more aware of these unsightly blemishes, but what treatments are available and, after treatment, what can be done to prevent them re-occurring?
Broken veins can occur due to genetics or as a result of lifestyle; if you are susceptible, then anything from hot baths to too much alcohol or strenuous exercise to simply standing too long can cause their appearance. If left untreated, they can increase in size and number, so that clusters of red or purple coloured blood vessels appear on the surface of the skin.
Once only surgically treatable, Thérapie Clinic now offer Luminette IPL, a high intensity light treatment that is a relatively quick and easy alternative to traditional methods. Through the use of targeted high-intensity pulses of light that attract to pockets of concentrated pigment in the skin, the offending cells/capillaries heat-up,collapse, and are then flushed out by the body’s own natural defences. Provided your veins are red to light purple in colour, IPL will even out your skin-tone and remove all traces of broken veins within a few short sessions.
Almost no recovery period is needed,with patients being able to go right back to normal life as soon as the treatment is complete – a perfect option for the busy bride-to-be.
Each session lasts no more than 20-30 minutes and feels somewhat similar to a hot elastic band snapping gently on the skin. I liken the experience to receiving a very small electric shock with the following sensation dissipating within seconds. The area will feel tender for up to 48 hours, but does not require any specialist care, other than an application of Aloe Vera. Results may be seen after only one session but two to three, with two weeks between each, are recommended for optimum results.
My own treatment area was the lower leg and after only one session the number and colour-intensity of thread veins present had reduced significantly. Within the recommended three, the area was completely clear and the skin looked rejuvenated, brighter, healthier and completely free of thread veins. Prices start from €200 per session for the cheeks and €300 per session for the legs. A lead-in time of three months is recommended for brides with the last session occurring no later than two weeks before the big day.
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