Mini Tummy Tuck: Surgical versus Non-Surgical Procedures

The desire for a flat stomach is very common, both among men and women, but deciding which method is best is complicated. Some patients are more suited for surgical tummy tucks, while others can reap the benefits of a mini tummy tuck. Deciding between surgical and non-surgical options comes down to a few factors.

Weight loss is a Big Factor
Both surgical and non-surgical procedures still require the patient to undergo some weight loss. If patients want to lose weight, they should do so before the tummy tuck. This is because dramatic weight loss after a tummy tuck could create loose skin, while weight gain post-surgery could result in fat accumulations in other areas of the body.

Comparing a Mini Tummy Tuck to a Surgical Tummy Tuck

  • Less Noticeable – A mini tummy tuck does not require the same surgical incisions and stitches as a full tummy tuck. Full tummy tucks use short incisions at the pubic area and below the abdomen to remove excess skin and tighten underlying muscle. Mini tummy tucks require no incisions.
  • Comfort – A mini tummy tuck uses slimming technology which melts fat cells away and helps patients achieve a more toned look. Heat and cold is applied to the body’s fat deposits, allowing them to be shrunk and destroyed. The procedure is comfortable and patients experience little to no discomfort. A traditional tummy tuck requires surgery and the recovery that comes along with it. Most patients will feel uncomfortable during and after the procedure for some time with a regular, surgically performed tummy tuck.
  • Faster Recovery – Tummy tucks require longer healing times and patients must monitor their sutures. With a mini tummy tuck, recovery is quick and easy since it is a non-invasive procedure.
  • Thérapie Clinic can help you get your stomach ready for the excitement of your summer wardrobe. With a mini tummy tuck, you can flatten your stomach and become beach-ready in no time. Our team can help assess your tummy tuck needs and create a treatment plan that helps deplete fat cells and give you the flat stomach you have always wanted.

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