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Body after Baby

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes incredible changes to accommodate and provide sustenance for a growing baby, as well as preparing the body for the demands of labour.

Some of the most common body problems faced by women post-pregnancy are loose or sagging skin around the stomach, excess fat, stretch marks and cellulite.

At Therapie Clinic, there are a range of treatment options that can be used to address the changes caused to your body during pregnancy, allowing you to get your pre-baby body back.


post-pregnancy_02The Non-invasive Tummy Tuck

After birth however, belly fat can difficult to get rid of and skin can remain loose, with many women suffering from the ‘jelly belly’ effect.

An estimated 88% of women are unable to get back to their pre-baby shape with diet and exercise, which is why Therapie Clinic offers a fat reducing and skin tightening treatment to sculpt and tone the stomach area.

Using a combination of clinically proven technologies, the layer of fat left in the stomach after giving birth is precisely targeted using Infrared Heat and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to shrink the size of fat cells; while also stimulating collagen production so that skin is tightened and more toned.


Freeze your Fat away with Cooltec

While in the initial few days after giving birth, there will be a significant reduction in body mass, this decrease will slow and stop unless a conscious effort is made to maintain continued weight loss.

Cooltec Body sculpting using fat-freezing technology will steadily reduce the temperature in fat cells under the skin so that their cell membrane ruptures. When the cell structure of these fat cells is irreparably damaged, they are broken down by the body and extracted away from the area via the lymphatic system.

This non-invasive method of fat extraction using controlled cooling yields visible fat loss in the treatment area, and is ideal for post-partum women who wish to lose excess weight gained during pregnancy.


post-pregnancy_05Goodbye Stretch Marks

Women are born with inherently weaker connective tissue compared to men, which is why they are more susceptible to suffering from stretch marks.

Stretch marks commonly appear across the abdomen, sides and lower back, breasts and hips during pregnancy which can leave permanent, angry-looking welts in the skin’s surface.

At Therapie Clinic, Laser360 and Micro-Needling are suitable treatments for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.


Goodbye Cellulite

Cellulite can worsen during pregnancy on account of pregnant women depositing more fat around their lower half which becomes trapped under the skin along with fluids and other toxins.

VelaShape II is a non-surgical treatment that is proven to achieve a circumferential reduction of the thighs and buttocks, while also getting rid of cellulite.

VelaShape II reduces the appearance of cellulite in post-partum women by heating the fat cells beneath the skin using Bi-Polar Radiofrequency and Infrared Light so that they release excess fat, water and toxins within their cell structure.

The treatment also incorporates vacuum pressure and massage techniques to improve skin firmness for a smoother and more even tone.


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