Anti-cellulite treatment available!

Article appeared on Image magazine, April 1, 2012.


Anti-cellulite treatment


Ah ‘ the dreaded C word – cellulite, which scourges bottoms, turns and thighs at lib, regardless of size, race or skin type. Well, it may have finally met its maker- in the form of a new treatment: VelaShape.


It’s the first FDA-approved cellulite treatment with a celebrity following, with the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, right, and Demi Moore singing its praises. It works not unlike other clinical cellulite treatments, using a roller-ball device that simultaneously heats, vacuums and massages the affected area. Its selling point is that it’s enhanced by an infrared device that claims to shrink fat cells and increase metabolism, all while smoothing the skin’s surface and reducing the circumference of the treated area.


It can be used on multiple areas including the buttocks, thighs, tummy and arms. Now, I take any fat-melting claims with a grain of salt, and I was definitely a sceptic, but for the sake of journalistic investigation, I offered up my thighs.


Anti-cellulite treatment


The Process

The treatment lasted about 45 minutes, and a good ten minutes was spent on each section, including the back and front of each leg and the bottom of the buttocks. During the first session, the infrared heat was a bit intense on the front of the legs, but by the second visit, it felt like a warm, deep tissue massage. They also used the highest setting, so for those more sensitive, the heat can be reduced.


By session three, I really liked the feel of the suction and the roller-balls, I did a course of six treatments, and by the fourth session, saw a definite difference. Because the treatment increases lymphatic drainage, I was advised to drink loads of water to rid the body of toxins and excess fluid. I was, therefore, dashing to the loo a lot for a day or two after each treatment


Results with VelaShape


My skin responded really quickly and centimetres were lost in my legs. That alone made me a believer, but the most obvious difference was on my bottom – the place right where it meets the back of the legs. It was clearly perkier, with a softer slope from bum to leg. I definitely plan on going back when I sec any signs of lumps returning, or the bottom sagging. In fact, for events or bikini preparation, Thérapie says you only need to top-up with one session, not six €560 for a course of six treatments. Contact: Therapie, 8-9 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, 01 472 1222;