What You Need to Know About Velashape, The Anti-Cellulite Miracle Worker

Cellulite is a common problem that affects women and men of all ages, which is why more and more treatments targeting the issue are emerging. One such anti-cellulite treatment is VelaShape II, a clinically proven procedure designed to target the fat cells attributed to causing cellulite and give you back a toned, smooth body shape. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

What does Velashape II do?

Cellulite appears when fat cells located under the layers of the skin become engorged with excess fat, water and other toxins. This results in the fat cells pushing through the connective fibres in the skin, causing a dimpled effect. The most affected areas of the body are usually the thighs and buttocks. Velashape II is the latest clinically proven treatment which is FDA-approved and has been found to both treat cellulite and reduce thigh circumference using thermal energy to target and destroy fat cells under the skin. Mechanical massage and vacuum suction are also employed to enhance results and improve the overall appearance of skin.

How does it work?

VelaShape II uses safe levels of Infrared light and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to direct heat to fat cells under the skin which causes an increase in their metabolism. This thermal energy effect results in fat being removed more efficiently from the cells so that they can shrink back to their original size and are no longer visible on the skin’s surface. The process also encourages the natural removal of the toxins which are identified as a cause of cellulite with the stimulating massage techniques and vacuum pressure. This also improves overall circulation, boosts lymphatic drainage and encourages the production of collagen, which naturally reinforces skin strength.

What areas of the body can it be used on?

The non-surgical procedure can be used on the areas where cellulite commonly appears. Specifically, this includes the arms, thighs, buttocks and the stomach area, so you can say goodbye to dimpled skin and hello to a beautiful body shape and smooth contour.

Is it safe?

The procedure is FDA approved, which means that it has been deemed safe and effective for use in the treatment of cellulite. It does not cause any undue damage to surrounding tissue or cells under the skin as it only targets fat cells which are more sensitive to controlled temperature changes.

Does it hurt?

VelaShape II is a relatively painless procedure that boosts circulation, decreases the appearance of cellulite and improves the body’s ability to lose fat. The average session takes between 30 and 40 minutes, and the sensation is similar to a warm, deep tissue massage (where do we sign up?!) However, it must be noted that some patients may experience bruising or tenderness following the treatment. Your therapist should inform you of what is normal and what is not.

How many treatments are needed?

It is recommended that patients undergo a course of at least four treatments to ensure long-lasting results but most people will notice a significant difference in the appearance of cellulite after just one session.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

As it is a non-invasive procedure, Velashape II is suitable for most people with the exception of pregnant women. As for those who have recently given birth, they should only have the procedure done if they feel comfortable and have been seen by a specialist. We would say that you should organise a consultation to discuss your general health, medical history and suitability before committing to a course of treatment. Once cleared to proceed, it’s time to look forward to getting back that great body shape and smooth skin that you’ll just want to show off this summer!

You can find out more about VelaShape II by visiting the Thérapie Clinic website, calling the friendly team on 1890 650 750 or by booking a free consultation below.