Sculpt your Upper Arms with Cooltec

Sometimes, no matter how many tricep dips you do, it can be impossible to see any improvement in the muscle tone of your upper arms.


Bingo wings or that sagging collection of muscle and fat that flaps without any definition can be the toughest part of the body to tone up, particularly as we get older.


In order to create definition in your upper arms you must get rid of any excess fat as well, build muscle tone and tighten the overlying skin.


At Thérapie Northern Ireland you can help banish the bingo wings with Cooltec, the cool-sculpting treatment that freezes away your upper arm flab while also tightening the skin.

Why do I have bingo wings?

The tricep muscle that sits on the underside of your upper arm tends to be underworked compared to the bicep muscle which is why it is quicker to lose its tone and definition.


It is also an area of the body that is quick to accumulate fatty deposits, but if there is weight loss without targeted tricep exercises, any weight loss often results in bingo wings.


Another factor to consider is your genetic makeup – if older women in your family suffer from the upper arm sag, there is a greater chance that you will too.

Get rid of your bingo wings at Therapie

At Thérapie in Belfast, Newry and Derry/Londonderry, you can banish your bingo wings with Cooltec fat freezing technology to break down the stubborn deposits of fat that give weight to your arm flab.


The Cooltec device is applied to the tricep area during treatment, after a cold pad has first been laid on the skin.


Skin, tissue and fat are sucked into the Cooltec device and the temperature is steadily dropped until the treatment area becomes solid as the fat cells begin to freeze.


Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature which is why Cooltec is particularly effective in reducing the volume of fat in an area without causing any damage to surrounding tissue.

What happens after a Cooltec treatment?

The fat cells in the upper arm that was frozen during the Cooltec treatment are slowly broken down and removed from the body naturally.


In as little as two weeks a dramatic improvement in upper arm tone can be seen, with the full effect becoming apparent usually three months afterwards.


To find out more about getting beautiful toned upper arms, arrange your free consultation at any Thérapie Clinic on 08000 121 565.