You can shave the day before treatment; not the day of, as shaving exfoliates the skin a bit and makes it sensitive, making laser treatment uncomfortable.

Don’t wax as if you remove hair, the laser has nothing to target!

During the course of treatment
You may shave between sessions – do not wax as it will affect hair growth patterns and affect results. Waxing or plucking completely removes the hair from the follicle, and for the laser to work there needs to be a hair present in the follicle.

If you have waxed or plucked the treatment area you would have to wait 6-8 weeks for follicles to produce a new hair.

After the laser course is finished

We would recommend you continue using laser until you achieve the level of hair reduction you’re happy with. Any remaining or reoccurring hair will be minimal; very fine in texture and light in colour.

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