3 Advantages of laser hair removal for men

What could laser hair removal at a UK clinic really do for men? There is an increasing number of men undergoing the treatment, so clearly it has plenty to offer. Whether it’s a treatment you’ve considered or one that’s entirely new to you, keep reading to discover the advantages that laser hair removal treatment offers men.

1. Pain-free hair removal
First, cast your mind back to a time when you’ve witnessed another man getting waxed. Maybe it was a teacher at school who decided it would be a good way for them to raise money for charity. Or perhaps you tuned into this season of The Only Way Is Essex and witnessed Diag’s screams of horror when a wax strip was pulled from his chest.

Whatever image you’ve conjured up, it’s probably not a pretty one. Hair removal methods such as waxing can be incredibly painful, especially when you consider that men tend to have more hair. Many men, therefore, tend to believe that laser hair removal would hurt too. This, however, is not the case, and most people find laser hair removal painless.

So, if you’re wanting to get rid of unwanted chest hair, you can forget those images etched into your brain of a man being waxed (however much you might have laughed at the time). Instead, you can have laser hair removal for the chest and get rid of the unwanted body hair in a pain-free and effective way.

2. Be free of unwanted hair forever

Let’s face it – hair grows back quickly. Whatever hair removal method you use for areas such as the back, you’re going to need a helping hand. The options that don’t cause you agony tend to not last long. A few days later, you’re not only having to ask for help again, but you’re also dealing with ingrown hairs and rashes.

A man is receiving laser hair removal on the chest

But laser hair removal for men is different. Following a course of treatments, laser hair removal is permanent. That means that you just need a few trips to the clinic, and then you can be rid of your unwanted hair forever. With laser hair removal for the back, you no longer need to feel self-conscious before whipping off your top, and you don’t have to rely on someone else’s help again.

3. Affordable hair removal method
Did you notice how the trend for beards coincided with the ever-increasing number of blades and price of disposable razors? We get it. Beards can be itchy and irritating, but it’s preferable to the extortionate cost of razors that last one facial shave before you’re throwing them in the bin. But don’t worry, if your someone who prefers a smooth and suave appearance, then laser hair removal for the beard is available.

But not only that, but laser hair removal also costs less than you think. As it’s permanent, it’s a one-off cost rather than something you’re constantly adding to your supermarket basket. That means it’s cheaper than other hair removal methods in the long term. All our laser hair removal prices for men can be found here. Plus, at Therapie Clinic, we offer a price match guarantee, so you never pay a penny extra.

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