5 Big Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Want to say goodbye to unwanted hair? Choose Laser Hair Removal, the most modern, effective and long-lasting route to being hair-free.

Laser hair removal is a progressive process, achieving cumulative results over several sessions as the hair is targeted in the growth phase, and your course of treatments will have several long term benefits.

Fewer Ingrown Hairs

As laser destroys the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle, ultimately the follicle itself becomes sterile and disappears. This means a 70%-90% permanent reduction in hair growth; in some cases it may not grow back at all.

Because the laser targets hair deep within its follicle, hairs cannot grow back onto themselves, so you won’t get any more ingrown hairs with laser. This makes it an ideal choice for sensitive, ingrown-hair prone areas like the bikini line.

Get Ready Faster

Laser Hair removal means you don’t have to spend time shaving-most women, for example, shave their underarms every day or every other day. Leg shaving becomes a daily chore, and waxing needs a degree of hair growth to grab the hairs so you’ll have unsightly regrowth before you can wax. With Laser Hair Removal, you’re always ready to go.

Smooth silky skin

With every other method of hair removal, stubble is inevitable. Shaving cuts hairs so they grow back feeling rough and blunt, and waxing means you have to wait until you have enough hair growth to strip off. Laser Hair Removal will give you soft, silky skin after each treatment. Because of the way Laser addresses the hairs, any regrowth or remaining hairs are far finer and paler than before.

Even Skin Tone; no scarring

Shaving and waxing often cause ingrown hairs, irritation and itching. As a result many people develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; marks on the skin that can be permanent. Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces the amount of hairs growing in any area, so discolouration is not an issue.

Works on Face and Body

Laser Hair removal can be used safely on almost every part of the body; particularly in cases where shaving is not an option.


Women who have a chronic problem with unwanted facial or forearm hair; men who constantly get ingrown hairs around their neck area, and athletes who need a consistently smooth aerodynamic line to their bodies all benefit from the long term benefits of Laser Hair Removal.

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