The Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal Compared to Shaving

Summer is almost here, which means more capris, shorts and of course, hair removal. Instead of dealing with razor burn and the pain of waxing, why not consider permanent hair removal? While it is an upfront investment, permanent removal offers many benefits compared to the standard razor and shaving cream.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Shaving to Laser Hair Removal

To decide which is best, you need to do a quick comparison. Not all areas of your body can receive permanent hair removal, but thanks to better laser technology, you can remove unwanted hair almost everywhere.

Benfits of Laser Blog

Shaving removes hair on your skin’s surface by simply cutting it down. It is best for your legs, underarms, and areas where you have fine hair; though some women do shave their bikini lines.

  • Pros of Shaving – It is relatively painless (unless you cut yourself in the process), inexpensive, and some shaving creams offer deep moisture for your legs.
  • Cons of Shaving – Hair regrows quickly with shaving and the hair that grows back is blunt and may even look thicker. If you shave regularly, you may encounter painful ingrown hairs and shaving is known for causing razor burns and cuts.

  • Benefits of Laser

    Laser hair removal, on the other hand, penetrates deep into the skin attacking the hair at the root. It inhibits future growth and after a few treatments, it could permanently reduce or erase your hair. It is best for people with hair that is darker than their skin colour, but may not work on those with very fair skin and hair, since it needs to attack the melanin within the hair.

  • Pros of Laser Hair Removal – Excellent for long-term hair removal and it does not damage your skin – even sensitive skin may be treated for permanent hair removal.
  • Cons of Laser Hair Removal – It is a significant upfront investment and requires a few sessions to complete. However, the results are permanent.
  • Thérapie Clinic can help you with all of your unwanted hair issues. Our team can assess your skin, type of hair and help you permanently remove it so you can enjoy summer without those embarrassing cuts.

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