Do you Suffer from Ingrown Hairs?

If you have ever waxed or shaved, you will no doubt have experienced a nasty ingrown hair at some point or other as the hair begins to grow again.


If you are particularly prone to regular bouts of ingrown hairs, and many fair-skinned Irish people are regardless of exfoliating or application of antiseptic lotions, then perhaps it’s time to bin the razor and make the move to laser.

What causes ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are the result of hairs that curl as they grow, causing them to grow back into your skin. They can occur anywhere you have hair on the body, but more often than not they are triggered by any action that removes or cuts the existing hair.

Shaving and waxing

Ingrown hairs are extremely common if you wax, tweeze or epilate areas of the body prone to dark coarse hair, such as the underarms, legs and pubic area. All these actions pull the hair from its follicle meaning that growth has to start from scratch again.


While you might get a smoother appearance for longer than shaving, yanking the hair from the follicle leaves you susceptible to ingrown hairs as the new hair can sometimes grow in a different direction.


Other times when the hair reaches the skin to break through, it cannot penetrate the epidermal layer so has no other option but to curl back and continue growing inwards.


Shaving cuts the hair shaft but if you shave too close to the skin, the hair follicle can become inflamed and ingrown hairs can occur.

How the body reacts to ingrown hairs

Your body will see any ingrown hair as a foreign body and will try and kill the perceived intruder. An inflammatory response will be initiated which sees redness, itchiness and a raised protrusion.

Laser hair removal and ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal is the only viable option to completely avoiding future ingrown hairs. Unlike other methods of hair removal, which only encourage and create ingrown hairs, laser hair removal treats the source of the problem.


Laser hair removal works by permanently disabling the hair follicle that produces hair, which means if there is no more growth, there is no more ingrown hairs.


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