Fabulous and fashionable UK laser hair removal treatments

A woman confidently leans on a beach ball wearing a bikini after having laser hair removal at a UK clinic

Getting laser hair removal in the UK
Getting laser hair removal in the UK is a simple and easy process. However, it can be much harder to decide what laser hair removal treatments you want. Indecision can delay you booking your appointment and then another summer approaches where you’re still dealing with unwanted hair. But have no fear. We’re here to share some of the top fabulous and affordable treatments and their benefits.

Hollywood & laser hair removal for the bikini
Dealing with the bikini area can be tricky and painful. However, laser hair removal for the bikini takes all that away. Some people decide to go all out and get the “Hollywood” – the one where they remove all the hairs. However, we also offer three other options. That means you get to choose which is best for you. Oh, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed as our medical professionals have seen it all before!

Customers who’ve had laser treatment on their bikini area love the fact that they don’t have to think about it anymore. They can pull on the swimming costume or laze on the beach in their bikini, knowing they’re in the best shape.

Smooth legs…forever
Who hasn’t, at some point, shaved their legs in the shower to then feel a sting and see blood flowing down their leg? Our legs are often the most extensive area we deal with when it comes to unwanted body hair. It’s also where we tend to nick ourselves or end up with red shaving rashes.

However, laser hair removal for the legs means you don’t have to deal with these problems again. As a permanent hair removal method, you can look forward to days where you can pull on any shorts, dresses or skirts – no more worries about unwanted hairs on show.

Laser for the upper lip
This one is perhaps a little more sensitive. While women are raised to believe that only men get facial hair, that’s simply not true. Women also get hairs on the upper lip area, and these are particularly noticeable if you have darker hair.

However, help is at hand with laser hair removal for the face, including the upper lip. For a few quid, you can get them zapped away, permanently. That means you can ditch the horrid bleaches or any other treatment you’ve been using.

Guys get lasered too
Up until now, we’ve been talking about treatments that are common for women. However, laser hair removal for men is on the up. Men tend to have more body hair, and it’s also usually coarser. Plus, when you think how difficult it is to reach certain areas such as the back, it’s no surprise men are wanting to get laser treatment.

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