Hello Summer! 7 questions you might have on Laser Hair Removal

The sun is shining, and hurrah it’s time to get the shorts, dresses, t-shirts and sunglasses out! There’s never been a better time to have a home pedicure, and plan a whole Summer wardrobe now that everything has reopened, we’ve got places to go and people to see!

Laser Hair Removal is Ireland’s favourite permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair, giving you back time, money and allowing you to plan ahead seamlessly without any last minute shaving or waxing – but what are the things you need to know before signing up?

Thérapie Clinic is Ireland’s favourite provider of Laser Hair Removal, and with over 40 clinics throughout the UK and Ireland – they know everything there is to know about Laser Hair Removal and the facts that will get you the most from your every treatment.

Here’s their rundown on the 7 facts about Laser Hair Removal that can make your Summer as long, carefree and breezy as you want it to be!

Is it an expensive treatment?
No, quite the opposite, in fact Laser Hair Removal is very affordable. Fed up stocking up on expensive razors and waxing appointments? Truly the cost of removing unwanted hair can be crippling. If like us, you’d rather spend your hard earned money on something that brings you a little more joy ( hello fun days out, and weekends away and adding to your Summer wardrobe) then it’s time to think about Laser Hair Removal.

So just how much money do you stand to save when you make the switch to Laser Hair Removal? Ok, prepare yourself ! The money you will save over the course of a lifetime when you start Laser Hair Removal is phenomenal. You might want to sit down for this – incredibly the real cost of shaving in a lifetime is up to €10,000 per person, and it will take up to 72 days of your life or 103,608 minutes – add that to a million ingrown hairs (or thereabouts!) and we know what treatment we’re going to be signing up for soon!

Therapie are currently running a pre Summer sale, offering great prices on Laser Hair Removal, no matter what area you want to treat. With prices starting from as low as €15 you have a great chance to get your treatments for an even lower price than you first expected – go go go!

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Will my skin tone or hair colouring be suitable for the treatment ?

Yes – Laser Hair removal is for everyone – no matter what colour skin or hair you have. One of the great things that many people don’t realise about Laser Hair Removal is that EVERYONE can have the treatment. This might be useful to know if you have been worried about how effective Laser Hair Removal will be on your skin, or think your hair colour might be too light, trust us there is honestly no need to worry.
Whatever your skin tone or hair colour you can rest assured that your treatment in Thérapie Clinic will be as effective as the next person. Thanks to advances in technology you can be assured that the colour of your skin or your hair really doesn’t matter a jot when getting Laser Hair Removal now, so there’s no excuse for you to put up with short term hair removal costs and side effects any longer!

Are there any other advantages to having the treatment?
Yes – for example, another less known but truly amazing advantage to Laser Hair Removal is that while the Laser Hair Removal will undoubtedly give you smooth, silky skin it will also rid you of pesky ingrown hairs, which can be a real skin nightmare. This is because the treatment encourages hair to grow straight. So yes, that’s right no more red lumpy skin after shaving, and no more ingrown hairs. You really are paving the path to the softest skin you’ve ever had when you decide to go ahead with Laser Hair Removal.

In addition to this, and unlike waxing, Laser Hair Removal can be carried out when hair is very short. So thankfully that means that you don’t have to grow the hair in between treatments. From the day you start the treatment, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted hair being on show – you can simply shave between appointments. If you are at all embarrassed about your unwanted hair, you can enjoy the confidence that it won’t be seen again.

Is there anything I need to do in advance of having Laser Hair Removal?
Yes, there are a few things that will make your treatment as effective as possible. It’s important not to have a tan or wear fake tan for up to two weeks before your appointment, so now’s the time to keep things natural! Therapie recommends applying SPF 50 sunscreen if your treated area is exposed to UV Light, ensuring that you keep the area safe and also making sure that when you start your treatment it will be as effective as possible.

Hair Result

If you have a tan when you come in for your free consultation, or if you are wearing tan it will be necessary for you to wait a minimum of two weeks before starting your treatment as the laser, and your therapist needs to see your skin at its most natural to give you the best possible treatment for your individual unwanted hair concerns.

How quickly will I see results?
Thérapie Clinic uses medical grade laser technology to ensure the best results every time, making your treatments as effective, short and pain free as possible. It’s quick too – and you’ll see a huge reduction in hair after just one appointment, making it a treatment that really gives you what we’re all looking for – instant results!

How many sessions will I need and is it forever?
Team Thérapie recommends 8-10 sessions per area for the best results, with 1-2 top up sessions a year sometimes needed after this.

So how does the popular treatment work? Laser works by passing heat down a hair and into the follicle, disrupting how it works and preventing hairs from growing again. The energy from the laser also absorbs the melanin in the hair. However, hairs must be in the active phase for the laser treatment to work. That’s why your Laser Therapist will recommend having a course of 8-10 Laser treatments to ensure that each and every hair is picked up throughout your course of treatments.

How do I find out more about Laser Hair Removal?
The team at Thérapie has more than 20 years experience providing Laser Hair Removal to thousands of customers throughout Ireland and the UK. When you contact Therapie to find out more about the treatment, you’ll be invited to join the team for a no obligation, free consultation at a Clinic location that suits you.

At the free consultation you’ll receive a full assessment on your chosen area and your therapist will go through everything you need to know, in detail with you.
It couldn’t be easier, contact Thérapie for your free consultation today and start your journey to gorgeous silky, Summer skin today!

Why should I go to Thérapie for my treatment?
Already the choice of many Irish and UK celebrities and well-known faces, Thérapie Clinic is Europe’s no. 1 Doctor led business where experience and professionalism is paramount to every customer experience. When you visit Thérapie looking to find out more about your treatment you’ll get a one to one consultation which will be met with a personalised treatment plan.

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A great Summer free from razors, and uncomfortable waxing appointments is only a call away!

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