Hit the Feelgood button with some Laser Hair removal TLC

It’s been proven many times before that people turn to beauty products and treatments during difficult times, and this COVID pandemic is no different. Most of us are reaching for the bubble bath, essential oils and are giving our skin routine an extra few minutes when we can, all in the name of the elusive feel good factor that beauty brings.

And isn’t it brilliant, that something so simple and accessible can bring us all so much joy at a time when we really need it! In fact, there’s nothing quite like a good treatment or product to help us self soothe when we need it most.

The next time you kick back and relax might be the time to think about some treatments that will also be a future investment in you. Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming Ireland’s most popular permanent hair removal method, and with good reason. It’s affordable, pain free and has lasting results saving you a fortune in money as well as in time. What’s not to love, it’s the treatment that keeps on giving…

Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?
100%! The feeling of the laser on your skin is like a fast, hot snap; then the laser moves on, so it’s not very painful. It’s certainly way less painful than having your hairs ripped out by the roots with waxing-particularly in sensitive areas like the bikini line. Ouch! No more waxing is the DREAM, and having Laser Hair Removal can make that dream a reality!

Most patients only need 6-8 sessions of the treatment to successfully stop hair in its growth cycle, making Laser Hair Removal one of the best cost effective decisions you’ll ever make.

Time for a treat
Thérapie Clinic are Ireland’s No.1 Laser Hair Removal experts, with clinics throughout Ireland. Over the past few months the team at Thérapie have been bringing us beauty junkies some of the best deals in the market, and this one is no different. For a limited time you can get a whopping 70% off all Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Range of payments to suit everyone
Team Thérapie have made their Laser Hair Removal sale incredibly accessible, as they have a range of payment options to suit every pocket. If you don’t want to break into your savings, but want to jump at the lower prices on offer, then don’t worry you can pay as you go, with prices starting from just €20. Alternatively the team has prices for courses of 3,6 and 10 treatments to suit all treatment areas.

How can I find out more?
Thérapie Clinic has recently been voted the Best Aesthetic and Laser Hair Removal Clinic in the UK & Ireland – and with good reason. In business since 2002 this Doctor led team has treated over 5 million patients, using the World’s most advanced Laser equipment to ensure short, effective treatments for all its patients.

Thérapie has 36 Clinics across the UK and Ireland with great opening times – including evenings and weekends, you can fit your treatments around your busy life at times that suit you.

Call us today
You can learn more by booking a free consultation with the Thérapie team in any one of their Clinics by calling 1890 650 750 or online at therapieclinic.com