Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Tones

Irish women, and indeed Irish men, are increasingly recognising that when it comes to hair removal, the best all round long-term option is undoubtedly laser.

Laser hair removal is by far the best all round option

Sure, there are loads of different hair removal options out there – shaving, waxing, threading, plucking or tweezing, IPL and even the age old hair removal creams – but if what you are looking for is the most effective, longest lasting and most professionally delivered method then really, laser is the only realistic and viable option for you.
Of course we would say this wouldn’t we – after all, Thérapie Clinic is the largest provider of laser hair removal in Ireland, given that we have already carried out in excess of 400,000 laser treatments to date!
But there are in fact lots of good reasons why, when it comes to the stubbly (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) issue of hair removal, so many people choose to undergo their laser treatment with Thérapie Clinic:
1. Medical Grade Laser Technology: We use only the most sophisticated medical grade laser technology for all our hair removal treatments. And what exactly does this mean you may ask? Well, essentially, by using only the most sophisticated laser technology available on the market, we guarantee successful results in just 6-8 laser treatment sessions.
2. Reliability. In addition, using the best and most advanced equipment available not only ensures 100% reliability (meaning peace of mind for you), but it also means that your laser hair removal experience will be relatively pain free. Ok, so you will notice that we use the word “relatively” here. The reason for this is that yes, there will be some discomfort experienced but hey, this is hair removal after all! And compared with all other hair removal options, the laser option is as pain free as hair removal can possibly be!
3. Cost. And finally – when you consider that many women spend up to €10,000 on the removal of unwanted hair over the course of their lifetime, it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that the laser option makes incredibly sound financial sense.

New Nd Yag laser treatment available for darker skin

Whilst previously laser treatment was not suitable for those with a dark skin tone, (the reason being a risk of skin de-pigmentation or skin damage), the introduction of our new Nd Yag long pulse laser equipment at Thérapie Molesworth Clinic means that even those with a dark skin tone can now avail of laser hair removal.

What is Nd Yag laser exactly?

The Nd Yag long pulse laser is a specific type of medical grade laser equipment that can even be used on a dark skin tone. Though it can in fact be used on all skin types from type 1 to type 6, it is much more effective when used on a dark skin tone. In short, Nd Yag laser is the option that we at Thérapie Clinic would recommend for those with a dark or tanned skin tone.
So in effect, what this means is that no matter what your skin tone might be, you can be pretty sure that at Thérapie Clinic, you will find the perfect hair removal solution to suit your precise skin tone.

Any questions? Contact our laser hair removal team

Here at Thérapie Clinic we have a highly skilled team of laser therapists, whose role is to advise and guide patients on what the best treatment options are. So, don’t try to figure out the best option for you all by yourself. Instead, why not book a free consultation and let our experts talk through all of the various options with you, putting you at your ease!
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