Laser hair removal for men – it’s not all about looks

Why do men have laser hair removal?
More and more men are turning to laser hair removal in the UK. In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the influence of shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Love Island. Their bare-chested stars are making hair removal for men not only acceptable but the fashionable look. However, it’s not all about looks. There are other reasons why men might decide that laser hair removal is for them.
Getting a sporting chance
If you are a man with a competitive edge, then you may choose to remove your body hair. In sports such as swimming, cycling, running and football, men remove the hair on their legs in part to improve performance. For example, researchers discovered that this could cut a cyclist’s time by 1.75 seconds for every km they rode.
There are other advantages too. For example, swimmers become more sensitive to the water and treatment for road rash on cyclists is much easier when there is no hair. For footballers, it makes physiotherapy and the removal of taping more comfortable.
However, accidents can happen when shaving. One Real Madrid footballer, Marco Asensio, missed a Champions League match after injuring himself while shaving. You can imagine the teasing that followed!
However, he would have been much better off having laser hair removal as it is a safe procedure. Not only that but laser hair removal is permanent meaning that you don’t need to keep going through the hassle of shaving – you get to keep the competitive edge!
Cyclists in a race. Laser hair removal for men can help give them a competitive edge.
Men can rock too
There is often a lot of talk about women and their confidence. For example, many women say that wearing make-up helps them feel more confident and able to get out in the world and do the things they want.
We hear many statistics related to women and self-esteem, but it’s rarely mentioned when talking about men’s issues. In fact, research has shown a worrying increase in body image affecting adolescent boys. It is also revealing that men can experience high levels of anxiety about their appearance, driving them towards dangerous behaviours.
Just as some women find laser hair removal boosts their confidence, men too can reap these benefits. A popular option is laser hair removal for men’s backs. It is something some men feel very conscious about and is an area that they are unable to do themselves.
Where to get men’s laser hair removal in the UK
Therapie Clinic is Europe’s number one aesthetic clinic and our staff are highly experienced in supporting men to get laser hair removal treatment. You’ll begin with a consultation so we can discover what you’re looking to achieve and advise you accordingly.
We have clinics all over the UK including London, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester. Whether you want to have laser hair removal to improve your sporting performance, increase confidence or to get the right look, we can help. Just give us a call on 08000 121 565 or book online here.