Laser hair removal – Here’s what you need to do before your appointment at Thérapie Clinic

As humans, we have a complicated relationship with body hair. We rip it out of our skin with hot wax, shave it off with sharp blades, or dissolve it with chemical depilatories. Those of us who want it gone spend precious time, money and energy seeking the most effective methods—only for it to stubbornly grow back a few days or weeks later.

Enter laser hair removal – a hair removal method which promises a reprieve from this never-ending cycle of removal and regrowth. While the procedure is common, it’s one that should only be administered by a licensed professional who has experience working with a range of skin tones like Thérapie Clinic.

Once you’ve had your initial consultation and booked your first session with us, these are the next few steps you’ll need to follow to ensure you get the best results.

Remove all fake tan
For at least four weeks before the appointment, you will need to avoid self-tanning products and the sun (not that that will be hard here in Ireland!). Having a natural or fake tan can increase the risk of side effects of laser hair removal including skin lightening, blistering and burning. It can also impact on the overall result of the procedure.

Put down the bleach
Laser hair removal works by targeting the root of hairs. Your hair pigment or color can be found in the root and absorbs the light produced by the laser, ultimately destroying the hair permanently. When you bleach your hair, it alters the pigment and makes the hair more difficult to target. Bleaching should be stopped six weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment, which is enough time for the hair roots to grow back in their natural color.

Shave the treatment area
It might sound strange, but you will be advised to shave the treatment area one or two days before laser hair removal. Please note, it should not be done on the day of the treatment as this will only make your skin more sensitive. Shaving a day or so beforehand is an important part of the process as it encourages the hair to enter the active growing stage, which is what the laser targets.

Furthermore, you must avoid waxing, plucking or bleaching in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Waxing works by tearing the hairs out by the root. As mentioned previously, laser hair removal works by the laser targeting the hair follicles. In other words, the laser needs hair to target and waxing gets rid of this, therefore reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Avoid caffeine and tight clothing
Skip your morning latte – items like caffeine can increase sensitivity. If you wear tight clothing for work, or certain irritable materials, you’d probably be better going for a weekend appointment as you need to have attire that will allow your skin to breathe afterwards to prevent irritation.

Check your medications
It’s important that when you speak to your laser professional at Thérapie Clinic that you inform them of the medications that you’re taking, both oral and topical. Some medications can intervene with your laser treatments, making them less effective. Other medications can make the skin sensitive and more likely to burn or blister. You should especially inform your laser technician if you are on antibiotics, birth control, acne, and photosensitizing medications. You won’t have to stop taking your medication, but your laser professional will be able to adjust your treatment accordingly and proceed with caution. Additionally, if you begin taking any new medications you should be sure to let them know prior to your next appointment.

By following these recommendations, you will significantly reduce the risk of experiencing side effects caused by your laser treatments. Additionally, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your laser hair removal treatments and get results that will last a lifetime.

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