Laser hair removal in the UK: Sorting the facts from the fiction

Laser hair removal in the UK
Hair removal – there’s not much that’s exciting about it and quite frankly, it’s a bit of a pain. But as more people in the UK discover the benefits of laser hair removal, the more people are falling in love with this treatment option.

One of the main reasons for this is because laser hair removal is permanent. After a course of laser hair removal treatments, they get to forget that hair removal is even a thing. No wonder it’s growing in popularity.

But with that popularity comes a range of different statements and claims. It can be hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. Today, we’re here to clear those muddy waters.

What can you have lasered?
Laser hair removal treatment is suitable for almost all body hair – the only exception is eyelashes and quite frankly, who would want to do that!
It is also relatively painless which is why laser hair removal for the bikini area is a popular option. We even offer four different choices of style. Want to get a Hollywood or Brazilian with laser hair removal? You got it. Prefer just to tidy up the edges? We can do that too.

Is laser hair removal really permanent?
Yes – the heat from the laser disrupts the hair follicle and stops it from working and growing future hairs. However, as not all your hairs are growing at the same time, a course of about 6-8 treatments are needed to treat all hairs while they’re in an active growth cycle.

Some people do find that they need a very occasional top-up treatment but with laser hair removal, most hairs do not grow back again.

How much does laser hair removal cost?
Laser hair removal prices vary depending on the size of the area being treated. However, it is very affordable. For example, laser hair removal for the upper lip is just £19. At Therapie Clinic we also have a price match guarantee so you can always be confident that you’re getting the best price.

What about darker skin tones?

In the past, laser hair removal for darker skin tones was not available due to how the laser distinguished between hair and skin. However, this has now changed with advancements in technology. At Therapie Clinic we only use the latest machines and technology and are therefore able to offer laser hair removal for darker skin tones.

Get the best laser hair removal in the UK
As the leading aesthetic clinic, we offer the best laser hair removal in the UK. We have over twenty clinics across the UK including six world-leading clinics offering laser hair removal in London. These include clinics in Marylebone, Westfields in White City and Canary Wharf.
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