Laser Hair Removal Journey

Laser hair removal works particularly well on dark hair against pale skin, as in order to destroy the hair follicle the laser ‘seeks’ melanin, the dark pigment in the hair shaft. This means laser hair removal may not be suitable for people with blonde, red or grey hair.

Therapie Clinic offers all our clients a free consultation to ensure laser is an appropriate hair removal solution for you; to discuss your expectations and determine how may sessions you will need. We will also explain how to prepare for treatment and how to care for your skin between sessions. We’ll help you discover the right method of hair removal for your skin and hair type. As laser works on hair in the ‘Anagen’ or growth phase of its cycle, and not all of your hair will be in the growth phase at the same time, a course of treatments is required over a number of weeks.



Your Laser Hair Removal Journey – Step by Step





Step 1: Free Consultation
& Patch Test

Your laser hair removal journey starts with a free consultation with one of our experienced laser therapists who will perform a patch test on the skin to ensure you are compatible with laser.






Step 2: Your First Treatment

Once deemed suitable for laser hair removal, your first treatment will be booked at a date convenient to you. You will be asked to ensure you prepare the area, only shaving or cutting the hair is acceptable, no more waxing or using messy depilatory creams! No tan, natural or fake is permitted and you need to wear a high sun protection factor for the entirety of your treatment. See our full list of laser hair removal tips.






Step 3: From your 2nd to your 6th Treatment

A minimum of six treatments is generally recommended depending on the area to be treated. You will start to notice a visible reduction in hair growth from the second or third treatment and the results get better after each treatment. You may require one or two top ups per year but waxing and shaving will be a thing of the past!







Step 4: Excellent Results –
Permanent Hair Reduction

Our word of mouth recommendations grow exponentially every year. In fact, most clients book in for one area but invariably upgrade and come back for more, effectively throwing away the razor!



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