Laser Hair Removal Prices

For the month of September, Thérapie Clinic are offering a great deal on Laser Hair Removal for bikini and underarm areas, starting at just €85.

Why do you need it?

Well, unless you’re a total gorilla, most women do like to perform a little deforestation in both areas. The skin is sensitive, especially around the bikini region, so shaving is not the best option.
Shaving sensitive skin is asking for trouble; ingrown hairs can often result, causing unsightly bumps. If one of those ingrown hairs gets infected, as is often the case in the bikini region, painful blemishes and reddening cause major discomfort in such a sensitive region.
Waxing is an option but is not ideal-it’s toe-curlingly painful; a bit mortifying and can only be done at a certain stage of hair growth.
Laser Hair Removal is ideal for the bikini region, working particularly well on dark hair. It’s a process with cumulative results which means you’ll need more than one treatment, but lasts far longer than any other hair removal option, and is pain free.
For underarms, Laser Hair removal is a superb solution, as this area needs constant attention and most women remove hair from their armpits very couple of days. Laser Hair Removal eliminates the need for shaving, and guarantees smooth, trouble-free skin for far longer.
Call Thérapie Clinic on 1890 650 750 to chat to an advisor on the details of the process; you can say so long to the razor and never have to endure the contortions or pain of waxing ever again.