Laser Hair Removal Questions and Answers

Once people discover the benefits of Laser Hair removal at Thérapie Clinic, they’re converts. Laser Hair removal is a great way to significantly reduce hair growth long-term, and leaves the skin with a silky-smooth texture.


How a Laser Works


Specialised, medical-grade lasers are used at Thérapie Clinic. The laser is pulsed onto the skin for milliseconds at a time, emitting a beam of light at a specific wavelength. This converts into heat as it passes harmlessly through the skin, targeting the melanin (or pigment) in the hair follicle and hair shaft, inhibiting the growth.

The process leads to a large reduction in the number of hairs, and those that grow back are far finer, paler and sparser.


Who Can Get Laser Hair Treatment?

The best candidates are people with fair skin and dark hair, as the contrast between the skin and hair allows the laser to ‘find’ the hair easily. White and grey hairs don’t have any pigment, so are invisible to the laser. Red and blonde hair used to be very difficult to treat, but the development of new lasers using different wavelengths of light allows Thérapie Clinic to treat those with fairer hair.


What Areas Can Be Treated with Laser?

Lasers are so precisely controlled that they can be used almost anywhere on the body, though it’s not recommended for eyebrows as they are too near the eyes.

On the face, lasers are terrific for use on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face. Lasers are used on the neck, underarms, bikini area and legs, and on the back and chest for men.


What Skin Colours Are Suitable for Laser Treatment?

As Thérapie Clinic use state-of-the-art new lasers, the technology allows them to treat all skin colours and shades. Clients are advised, however, not to tan-either real or fake-before laser treatment, as it confuses the laser.


Your skin shade is determined for Laser purposes on the Fitzpatrick scale, and your Thérapie expert will use the correct laser for you.


Before Your Treatment

Laser removal works best on short visible hair, so when you have your free consultation at Thérapie Clinic they may suggest shaving the area a few days before treatment to leave stubble. Don’t wax or pluck.


It’s very important not to tan, either real or fake, as this makes the surrounding skin colour too similar to the hair colour, confusing the laser.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

It’s like a hot snap against your skin. Uncomfortable for a moment, but the laser moves on to the next area. If you need to, your therapist can discuss pain relief such as paracetamol or a cooling gel.


You may be a little pink afterwards, and your skin will be sensitive so wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.


As your hair grows in staggered cycles, you may see hair sprouting afterwards-but these will fall out. You need several sessions to catch the hair in its growth phase to ensure long-term elimination.


Laser Hair Removal is more costly than shaving, but is far gentler on your skin and the results last much longer. It’s great for sensitive skin when waxing or plucking hurts, and many people find the regrowth is very minimal-in some cases, none at all.


Book your free consultation and chat with an expert about your expectations for Laser Hair Removal.