Laser hair removal: Which areas to treat?

Laser hair removal in the UK
Laser hair removal in the UK is back! With lockdown easing, it won’t be long before you can visit our clinics and wave goodbye to that unwanted hair. The UK’s love of laser hair removal is not without reason.

Those who’ve already had a course of treatments, would have been feeling slightly smug over recent months. That’s because laser hair removal is permanent. Once your hair has been treated at the different points of its growth cycle, you can be hair-free forever! Plus, there’s the lack of red rashes, ingrown hairs, itchy stubble growth…need we go on?

But which areas of the body can you have treated?

Laser hair removal for the bikini
Let’s get right to the sensitive stuff! When people first consider this treatment, the main question they have is “does laser hair removal hurt?” The simple answer is no. Some describe the sensation as a bit like an elastic band snapping against the skin.

However, at Therapie Clinic, we only use the latest technology, and our laser machines cool your skin at the same time as it’s being treated. This means many feel hardly anything. Compared to waxing? Laser hair removal treatment is much more comfortable!

That means laser hair removal for the bikini line is a popular choice. We offer four different styles from a quick tidy up to going completely bare. Our laser hair removal prices for the bikini area start at £25. But just so you are totally confident in the value we offer, we also have a price match guarantee.

Laser hair removal for the back
Ok, so our automatic assumption when we think of laser treatment is to think this is something for women. However, laser hair removal for men is also incredibly popular.

One of the most common treatments for men is laser hair removal for the back. Some men are not fans of the hair they have on their back. In fact, they can feel very self-conscious about it. For example, they may think twice before removing their top. But it is also not an area that they can treat on their own. The permanency of laser treatment is, therefore, highly attractive.

At Therapie Clinic, we have many men visit us for laser hair removal. Sometimes they just want to tidy up the hairline or eyebrows. But more often than not, they want to treat a larger area such as the chest or back. The cost of laser hair removal for the back, shoulders and neck is £103. Again, we have our price match guarantee, which means that if you find your treatment cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 10%.

Got unwanted hair? Laser hair removal will sort it!
Essentially, laser hair removal is suitable for all areas of the body (although, obviously it must be kept away from your eyes!). If you have unwanted hair somewhere on your body, then laser hair removal at our UK clinics will get rid of it. Other common treatments include laser hair removal for underarms, the upper lip, legs, and chest.

We have clinics offering laser hair removal across the UK. If you want to banish the fuzz, book an online consultation or give us a call on 08000 121 565 and we’ll answer your questions and get you booked in!