Does Laser Hair Removal work on red, blonde or grey hair?

No very well. Laser hair removal works best on clients who have dark hair. This is because of the very nature of the selective thermolysis that laser uses – that is, laser light is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair, called melanin.


It seeks and finds that dark pigment, and uses selective thermolysis to change light into heat and destroy the dark hair, leaving surrounding skin and other structures untouched. It works selectively.


When client have red, blonde or grey hair, there isn’t as much dark pigment – or perhaps none at all – for the laser to ‘find’ and so the energy has nothing to absorb into.


Many people have a mixture of light and dark hair – in this case, the laser will only target the darker ones, and the lighter hairs will remain.

Are there any options for blondes and redheads?

Yes; Thérapie Clinic have a Medilase system which works using an ultrasonic technology that can help blondes and redheads reduce unwanted hair.


Every client is different, and it’s best to take advantage of Thérapie Clinic’s free consultation offer to discover if Medilase will work for you.


Remember that skin tone and colour is also a factor in hair removal – for example, if you use tanning beds or fake tan, your skin will be dark compared to your hair and will attract unwanted heat from the laser.


All hair removal candidates will receive specific instructions on not tanning – real or fake – before treatment.


To book your free consultation, call Thérapie Clinic on 1 890 650 750 and find the clinic nearest you. You can then discuss your options with an experienced laser hair removal technician and see if laser removal is a realistic goal – if not, you can explore the other options such as professional waxing.