No more bumps with laser hair removal

Ingrown hairs can become a major problem, particularly if you shave the area a lot.
It doesn’t matter how much you exfoliate or moisturise; ingrown hairs will still happen when your skin is prone to them.
What Is an Ingrown Hair?
Most hairs grow up and out through the follicle, like a plant growing towards sunlight. An ingrown hair is one that has decided not to take the usual course and instead gets trapped inside the follicle, then grows underneath the skin.
This causes irritation around the area and a nasty red bump. No amount of squeezing or poking will get rid of it, or straighten the hair out.
Hair structure can play a part; curved hair follicles, which produce curly hair, can encourage the hairs to re-enter the skin once the hair gets cut in some way.
Shaving Makes Ingrown Hairs Worse
Shaving creates sharp edges, so when the shaved hair starts to grow back, it curls to re-enter the skin. If you pull your skin taut when you’re shaving, the freshly shaved hair shaft retracts back into the skin without growing out at all (transfollicular penetration) once you let the skin go, and you’re left with a hair fragment under the skin.
This problem also occurs with tweezing, if a hair breaks.
Your body reacts to these hairs, treating them as invaders and sending white blood cells to the area. Inflammation, redness and a bump follow, which can leave you with a permanent mark or hyperpigmented area.
You could be at risk for developing sepsis if the inflammation goes deep and gets into the bloodstream; at the very least you’ll probably be left with a mark or scar.
The best way to inhibit ingrown hairs is to stop shaving, waxing and tweezing; Laser Hair removal is the best course of action as it removes hairs deep in the follicle and inhibits regrowth very effectively.
Laser Hair removal is effective for ingrown hairs anywhere on the body, and ideal for sensitive areas like the bikini line. Call Thérapie Clinic to book your free consultation on 08000 121 565 and get rid of your bumps for good.