Secret benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal in London and the rest of the UK
With seven clinics offering laser hair removal in London and even more clinics across the UK, we know a thing or two about this treatment. We also know that some of the laser hair removal benefits are not so obvious. That’s why today, we’re revealing some of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment that you might not already know.

Banish the spots
Due to how laser hair removal works, it means that you don’t get unsightly ingrown hairs. But it’s not just these spots that it prevents. If you’ve spent any time wearing jeans or tights, you’ll know that you can also be left with painful spots where the clothes rub and pull on the hairs on your legs. But with laser hair removal for the legs, you can banish those hairs and those spots.

Hair removal without the tears

The question we get asked most is “does laser hair removal hurt?”. Many hair removal methods can bring tears to your eyes. It’s one of the reasons that a man getting his back or chest waxed can be a popular charity event! But with laser hair removal, most people find it painless. Some describe it as a bit like an elastic band snap.
However, at Therapie Clinic we use the latest technology. Our machines blow cooling air over your skin as you receive your laser treatment. This further reduces any small discomfort you may experience.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that it is more comfortable than waxing or sugaring. It’s one of the main reasons why laser hair removal for the bikini line is so popular!

More affordable than other methods
Laser hair removal costs less than you think. It also saves you money in the long term. It’s thought that on average, women spend thousands of pounds on hair removal throughout their lifetime – much more than a course of laser hair removal treatment! Because laser hair removal is permanent, once you’ve completed your course of treatments, you no longer need to buy anything else. Goodbye treatments, wax, razors and hair removal creams!

Ditch the fancy blades
Laser hair removal for men is growing ever more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. With the price of razors rising as they add more and more blades in a competition to be the best, shaving your face has become increasingly expensive. But laser hair removal on the face and beard area means you can ditch those fancy razors and never have to worry about shaving again.

Booking the best laser hair removal in London and the UK
At Therapie Clinic, we have over twenty clinics offering laser hair removal in London and the rest of the UK. Not only do we provide the best laser hair removal available, but we also have a price match guarantee so you can be confident you’re also getting the best value. Book your online consultation or give us a call on 08000 121 565 to get your laser hair removal treatment.