Shave, Wax and Repeat or Get Easy Laser Hair Removal

Between all the shaving, trimming, waxing and plucking, you may wonder why your hair bothers to grow back at all. But unfortunately evolution hasn’t caught up with the latest trends in modern day beauty so you can either grin and bear it or take control.

Laser your bikini line

The bikini line is a very intimate area that requires delicate attention because the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Waxing can be harsh on your bikini line as the skin is tugged and pulled, while shaving runs the risk of nicks and plenty itchy ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is the only solution to a permanently neat bikini line that requires no upkeep.

A bikini line that is perfect all summer long

It is often during holiday season that you realize just how much maintenance your bikini line needs, especially when you are slipping into your favourite bathing suit or bikini to enjoy a quick dip in the pool or the ocean at a moment’s notice.


Laser hair removal at Thérapie allows you to achieve complete freedom when it comes to the best bikini line option that suits your lifestyle, with various levels of neatness and hair removal available.

Your options

  • Normal Bikini – Hair that is exposed when wearing underwear or swimwear bottoms is removed.
  • Extended Bikini – Sometimes referred to as the G-string wax, more hair is removed from the sides to make the area more defined.
  • Brazilian Bikini – A landing strip or small amount of hair is left.
  • Hollywood Bikini – Complete removal of any hair.
Does it hurt?

Removing hair from the bikini line will of course cause some discomfort, but the long term results make the process worth it. At Thérapie the most advanced laser technology is used to make the procedure as quick and easy as possible. Laser hair removal is often described as being slightly more painful than waxing.


To find out more about whether laser hair removal is something for you this summer, book your free consultation with a Thérapie member of staff, call 1890 650 750 or visit /laser-hair-removal-for-women/