Summer bodies are made in winter-get hair free for summer 2019

It’s true what they say, summer bodies are made in the winter, and this rings very true when it comes to laser hair removal. For the treatment to work effectively, it is advisable not to expose the skin to the sun before and after treatments to avoid sensitivity or sun damage. Most of us will be hiding under coats and cosy knits for the next few months, with sunshine being but a distant dream away, making this the ideal time to start a course of laser hair removal treatments.

Thérapie Clinic has safely performed over 1 million laser hair removal treatments nationwide, using the latest, most advanced technology in the field and priding themselves on the highest possible standards of safety. All treatments are conducted using a medical grade laser, making side effects minimal, with amazing results guaranteed.

The treatment works by targeting the hair follicle with concentrated beams of light, where it destroys the hair at the root and inhibits hair growth. Laser hair removal works most effectively on skin that has not been exposed to the sun, and on hair that has not been sun-bleached. The results depend on a variety of factors such as; how dense, thick and course the hair is. These factors vary from person to person. When you have your initial consultation with your laser therapist they will be able to indicate what results to expect over the course of treatments. Thérapie Clinic recommends a course of 6-8 treatments to obtain the best results. Your skin will look and feel smooth all year round!

Thérapie Clinic are delighted to offer our amazing laser hair removal treatments to all our clients. With the 1 penny sale running throughout January, there has never been a better time to start your laser hair removal journey to being hair free this summer.

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