The ABC on laser hair removal in London

A woman shows off her hair-free underarm area after laser hair removal at a London clinic

Laser hair removal in London
Laser hair removal in London has been on hold for a few months. But there are only a few days to go before it’s back. So, we’re going back to basics and giving you the ABC on laser hair removal treatment. Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most by those new to laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?
The laser picks up the pigmentation in your hairs below the skin. This then transfers the heat to the follicle, disrupting how it works and preventing it from growing hairs again in the future.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Yes. With each treatment session, you will have fewer hairs growing back, and they will also be finer. Not all of your hairs are growing simultaneously, and for laser hair removal to be effective, they must be in their growth phase when treated. That’s why a course of treatments is needed. However, you’ll notice a difference after each session.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?
There is no hard and fast rule about this as we’re all individuals. However, typically, you’ll need somewhere around 6-8 sessions to experience the benefits of permanent hair removal.

What are the laser hair removal treatment options?
One of the reasons laser hair removal is so popular is that it can be used on all body areas. One of the most popular options is laser hair removal for the face. Women with darker hairs can find that they have visible hairs on the upper lip and laser treatment effectively deals with this.

Other trends include laser hair removal for the legs, bikini and underarms. With the advancements in technology, laser hair removal is no longer painful, which has meant many now choose it for those more sensitive areas.

When can I get laser hair removal in London?
Laser hair removal clinics are allowed to open again from 12th April 2021. And yes, we’re very excited about it.

Where in London can I get laser hair removal?
We have numerous laser hair removal clinics in London for you to choose from. Our clinics are modern and equipped with the latest laser hair removal machines to ensure you get the best results. You’ll also be treated by a qualified and experienced medical professional. You can find us in the following locations:

What are you doing to make sure treatments are safe?
We have put a range of measures in place, including opening for longer hours to reduce the number of people in the clinic at one time and holding consultations online. You can find out more about all our Covid-19 measures here.

How much does laser hair removal cost in London?
As a medical clinic, we believe in providing high-quality treatments. However, we also ensure that we do so at an affordable price.

We also don’t charge more for laser hair removal in London, meaning you pay the same as the rest of the UK. Our laser hair removal prices start at just £19.

Who can have laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is suitable for almost everyone, and yes, laser hair removal for men is a growing trend. However, there are a few precautions you’ll need to take before and after your treatment, and you will need to be tan-free (yes, that includes the kind that comes from a bottle!).

Are there any laser hair removal side effects?
There are minimal side effects from laser hair removal. You may experience some redness to the skin and will need to avoid heat and friction for a few hours.

How can I get the best laser hair removal in London?
Getting the best laser hair removal in London is easy. Simply give us a call on 08000 121 565 or book your online consultation. But hurry, appointments are booking up fast!