The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you fancy silky smooth legs a la Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz or Kendall Jenner, then you need to put down the waxing strips and have a look into the best option for permanent hair removal: laser hair removal. As well as making your pins dazzle, there are lots of other benefits of the treatment.

So many areas

Laser Hair Removal doesn’t have to be limited to giving you silky smooth legs – it can treat most areas of the body for unwanted hair, including the usual suspects – underarms and bikini line (we’re talking whatever you want, be it normal, Brazilian or Hollywood style) – as well as the face (including the sides, brow, jawline and neck), forearms, back, stomach, nipples, hands and feet. In other words, there are very few areas on your body that can’t be defuzzed using laser. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

It’s super quick

While this is dependent on what part of you is being treated, the lasers do work very quickly, especially when compared to the traditional means of hair removal (shaving, waxing, tweezing and hair removal creams). Small areas such as the lip can take a couple of minutes, which is perfect if you fancy popping in on your lunch break, while larger areas including the back can take up to an hour. Then again, compared to the time you would spend removing the hair yourself, it’s nothing (and it’s considerably less painful than waxing).

Low risk

As with every treatment you undergo, there are possible side effects – with laser these include irritation, blistering, swelling, redness and scarring – but the risk is low and will of course depend on your medical history. Laser Hair Removal treatment is safe as long as it’s performed by a trained professional according to the approved procedure and with the latest technology. Furthermore, laser can target dark and/or coarse hairs without affecting the surrounding skin.

The freedom

This is particularly great if you are planning a holiday or just want to be ready for the summer because you won’t have to worry about performing a hair removal routine every time you want to show off your skin. You can hit the sand and the pool with confidence following a session. Even if you’re not heading away, you can get back to normal a couple of days following the treatment in terms of exercising, exposure to heat etc. Sure, you have to watch yourself for 48 hours but after that, you’re free as a bird… without feathers of course.

It saves money

Laser Hair Removal might seem like a chunk of money at first but when you think about how much you spend on razors, waxing and/or hair removal creams without getting anywhere near the same sort of results (hello, we practically have to shave every other day), it is actually great value. Also, the best laser hair removal clinics do run offers from time to time, thus reducing your cost per treatment. In others words, do some research and a few sums, and find the best clinic for you.

Great results

Laser Hair Removal is incredibly effective in terms of the longevity of the desired effect and the potential reduction of overall hair growth. It also tends to make maintenance super easy. All you have to do is prepare properly and have a quick shave between sessions (just remember to avoid the razor for four or five days following your session).You may also find that usual issues, such as skin irritation and underarm shadows, are a thing of the past. If that’s not a great reason to consider laser, we don’t know what is.

Thérapie Clinic use only medical grade lasers, which are both safe and effective for long-lasting hair removal.

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