The dos and don’ts of laser hair removal at Thérapie Clinic

When it comes to investing in yourself, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best of the best, right? Why should laser hair removal be any different? Thérapie Clinic offers the gold standard of laser hair removal treatment, having been named the number one clinic in Europe for aesthetics treatments. We know you take results seriously, which why we’re committed to delivering them.

To ensure you get the most out of your treatments, Thérapie Clinic asks you to adhere to the following dos and don’ts of laser hair removal

Before laser hair removal
Firstly, before you undergo any laser treatment at Thérapie Clinic, you must not expose the treated area to the sun or a sun bed. A sunscreen of SPF 30, or preferably a total sun block of SPF 50, should be applied whenever exposure to the sun is unavoidable. In the event that you have been extensively exposed to the sun prior to treatment, your appointment will be rescheduled to three weeks later – something to keep in mind if you’re booking any holidays!

You must avoid plucking, waxing or bleaching the hair for six weeks prior to treatment. Preserving the root and the pigment of the hair is imperative for the success of the laser treatment, as the laser only works if there is hair in the follicle.

It is important to shave the area to be treated the day or night before your appointment. Doing this will prevent thermal injury to the surface of the skin as there won’t be hair on the surface to absorb the laser’s energy. It will allow the laser to go directly to the hair follicle. It will also let the skin heal in case the surface is cut whilst shaving.

During laser hair removal
During the procedure certain safety considerations are important. The patient and any other person in the laser room needs protective eye wear to prevent the risk of damage to the retina. A jet of cool air is used with the laser to minimise epidermal damage and increase patient comfort.

After laser hair removal
Immediately following treatment, the area may show erythema (redness and some swelling) around the follicles which looks similar to large goose bumps.

Around 2 or 3 weeks after a laser hair removal treatment 10 to 20% of the treated hairs will fall out. During the healing phase, the area must be treated delicately. Do not rub or scratch. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera ointment to the treated area several times a day to keep it moist. Pat the area dry. Do not shave the area if is swollen or crusting.

Discomfort or stinging may be relieved with Paracetamol. Do not take Ibuprofen or Aspirin as these medicines may react to the laser light. Avoid sports and strenuous exercise for two days following the treatment for laser hair removal (walking is fine though!)

Avoid very hot baths, showers, steam baths or saunas, and don’t swim in strong chlorinated water for two or three days. Don’t use bleaching creams or perfume products for 24 to 48 hours. Avoid exfoliating or peels for one week. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing for two or three days. Our experts at Thérapie Clinic will provide you with a full post-treatment plan which will address any further queries.

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