What to do before and after laser hair removal in London

Two women with different skin tones show off their smooth legs after having laser hair removal in London.

Get sleek and lustrous with laser hair removal in London

As lockdown lifts, you might be thinking about treating yourself with a little laser hair removal in London. And who could blame you? As a permanent hair removal method, it offers something special that no other hair removal method can. With a course of treatments, you can look forward to staying sleek and lustrous forever. If there’s one thing the lockdown has taught us, it’s that permanent treatments are a blessing! But before you go rushing in, there are some things you need to do before and after your laser hair removal treatment to ensure you get the best results.

Choosing a laser hair removal clinic in London

First up is choosing a laser hair removal clinic in London so that you can get booked in. We recommend that you take a look at reviews and find a clinic that specialises in aesthetic treatments. It’s also important to ensure they’re using the latest laser hair removal machines as this can make a difference to your experience and the results you get.

At Therapie Clinic, we’ve been offering aesthetic treatments for over twenty years and have rave reviews. All our London laser hair removal clinics are also fitted with the latest technology. And if you’re worried about cost, we keep our laser hair removal prices affordable, but we also ensures you will get the best deal out there.

Before you get laser treatment

Once you’re booked in, you can get ready for your laser hair removal treatment. While it might sound odd, it is crucial that you shave to remove any hairs from the area you are having treated. This is the case whether you’re a woman having laser hair removal for the bikini area or a man seeking to get rid of back hair. This is due to the way laser hair removal works. Plus, you’ll also need to be tan-free at the time of your appointment.

But don’t worry. You’ll receive a consultation before your treatment, ensuring everything is okay for your treatment to go ahead.

Laser hair removal aftercare

At Therapie Clinic, we also offer a post-treatment consultation. This is when we will go through all of the aftercare in detail. After all, we want you to get the best results with the minimum amount of side effects.

The aftercare required is straightforward and is necessary to protect your skin. You’ll need to avoid heat from baths, showers, jacuzzis etc., for the first 48 hours. It is also best to wear loose-fitting clothing for a couple of days. These will prevent the skin from getting irritated and reduce any redness.

Book the best laser hair removal in London

As you can see, laser hair removal is an effective and straightforward treatment with only a little before and aftercare required. If you’re ready to look sleek and lustrous, either download our app, give us a call on 08000 121 565 or book your online consultation here to get the best laser hair removal London has to offer.