Where to get the UK’s leading laser hair removal

A woman is receiving laser hair removal at a UK clinic

Getting the leading laser hair removal in the UK

Getting laser hair removal at a UK clinic is a fabulous decision, even if we do say so ourselves. But choosing the right place that’s going to get you the best results is another matter. It can be tempting to just select your local clinic or provider. But things are not always what they seem. Even though we’ve opened around 14 new clinics over the last year, we don’t think geographics is only one consideration when choosing a UK laser hair removal clinic.

The machines that matter

One of the factors that will make the most difference to your treatment results is the laser hair removal machine used. Over the years, the technology has advanced, and while Therapie Clinic only ever uses the best laser hair removal machines, that’s not the same for all clinics.

The Cynosure Elite+ ensures that we can also offer laser hair removal for dark skin tones – something that’s not always possible. Plus, its powerful laser ensures you get superior results.

Professionalism and reputation

Of course, you also want to be treated by professionals who are both qualified and experienced. This is not a given – there is less regulation around laser hair removal than you might think. But Therapie Clinic is Europe’s leading laser hair removal provider. We’ve all delivered over 5 million treatments and have plenty of reviews that you can read. Our reputation is second to none.

Before booking your laser treatment, check whether your therapist is a medical professional with plenty of experience.

More than just your treatment

Another key factor to look out for is the before and aftercare that is offered. A consultation beforehand is essential to assess your suitability, skin tone and hairs. If this isn’t done, then it’s time to walk away as the treatment will not meet a high standard.

At Therapie Clinic, you receive a consultation before and after laser hair removal. This ensures that we can assess you and share the crucial laser hair removal aftercare advice essential for taking care of your skin.


In the long run, laser hair removal costs less than traditional hair removal methods. But there is an upfront cost, and you may want to check the clinic’s prices. At Therapie Clinic, we like to keep things affordable. You can find our laser hair removal prices here.

Location, location, location

Finally, it is important to consider the geographical location and take a look at your nearest laser hair removal clinics. As we said earlier, we’ve open 14 new UK laser hair removal clinics. There are now more than thirty in total. You can head over here to use our handy tool and find your nearest laser hair removal clinic.

Book the best laser hair removal in the UK

As a permanent hair removal method, there is a lot to love about laser treatment. You just need to make sure you choose a leading clinic for your treatment. To book with us, either download our app, give us a call on 08000 121 565, or book your online consultation here and get the UK’s best laser hair removal.