Why men are getting laser hair removal in the UK

A man is receiving laser hair removal on the chest, available at our UK clinics

Why men in the UK are getting laser hair removal
You might have thought it was just women who get treatments such as laser hair removal. Men, however, are increasingly joining this trend. And you can hardly blame them when you look at the benefits laser hair removal can offer.

Men usually have much more hair than women, and it tends to be coarser. That means that not only is there more hair to remove, but it can also be trickier to do so. But laser treatment can tackle this. In fact, it does such a great job that after a course of treatments, laser hair removal is permanent. But which treatment options are men choosing?

Laser hair removal for men – the options
In a nutshell, any hair on your body (except eyelashes) can be removed with this treatment. If you’re continually having to remove unwanted hair or have hair on your body that you’re uncomfortable with then, you will benefit from laser hair removal for men.

Popular options include laser hair removal for the back and chest areas. We treat many men who hate their back hair and have either been covering it up or having to ask someone else to shave it off for them. As an area you can’t treat yourself, laser hair removal’s permanent results make life much easier for you!

But many men don’t realise that you can get laser hair removal on the face. Despite the fashion for beards, many men need or want to be clean-shaven. If you have darker hair, you probably have a daily shaving regime to maintain this. However, laser hair removal for the face can give you a more permanent solution.

This is also a popular treatment with the trans community. When you’re transitioning, you don’t want facial hair as a constant reminder. Laser hair removal can help you get rid of that hair forever.

How much is laser hair removal?
One of the things that may hold you back from getting laser hair removal is cost. However, it is much more affordable than many realise. Here at Therapie Clinic, we also offer a price match guarantee, so you never pay over the odds. To give you an idea, our laser hair removal prices are £67 for a full beard and £103 for full back, shoulders and back of the neck.

Getting the best laser hair removal in the UK
Therapie Clinic is Europe’s leading provider of laser hair removal. Our UK clinics are in convenient locations where you can get your treatment during a shopping trip or even your lunch hour. They’re fitted out to the highest specification, and we only employ qualified and experienced medical professionals meaning you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Find your nearest clinic and then book your online consultation or give us a call on 08000 121 565 to get the best laser hair removal in the UK.