5 reasons why you should invest in lip fillers

Lip fillers aren’t going anywhere! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2016 report indicated a 50 per cent increase in lip augmentations in the 18 to 55-plus age range between 2000 and 2016 – and that figure only looks set to increase. All over Ireland, people are leaving the stigma surrounding aesthetics behind, and putting themselves first.
Are you thinking of doing the same? Here’s 5 reasons why you won’t look back after getting lip fillers at Thérapie Clinic
They can help you look younger for less
Unfortunately, the lips can be the first area of the face to give in to the ageing process. When we look at someone’s face, along with the eyes, we tend to focus on the lip and mouth area when speaking with one another. A thin lip area can exacerbate the ageing process as we associate plump and hydrated lips with that of a young person.
The use of dermal fillers in the lip area will increase volume, hydration and remove unwanted wrinkles, improving the overall look of the face. At Thérapie Clinic, it’s more affordable than ever, with prices starting from €195 for 0.5ml.
They can help you shape your smile
If anti-aging isn’t a concern, but a loss of volume and shape is, lip fillers are a good fix. Some patients find that a thin lip area can mean the facial features are unbalanced and would like to improve this area in order to have a more full-looking pout.

It’s a super safe procedure!
At Thérapie Clinic – Europe’s number 1 aesthetics clinic – safety comes first, above everything else. Our highly trained and skilled team is led by surgeon Paul Reddy, who ensures that all our procedures are carried out in an environment that are as exacting as a surgical theatre.
At Thérapie Clinic we use the worlds most tried and tested dermal filler, Juvederm. This product has been rigorously tested through clinical trials over the past 15 years and its records for safety and efficiency are outstanding. Juvederm has been used in 15 million treatments worldwide.
The medical professionals at Thérapie Clinic will be able to advise you on the treatment needed to cater to your specific concerns, helping to achieve natural, beautiful results.
You can get the treatment done in a flash
Getting lip fillers is an extremely quick process, with the administration process taking around 10 minutes. All our treatments begin with a private consultation that includes a full facial assessment by our professional team. If treatment is deemed suitable, the client’s areas of concern are discussed, options explored, and a personal treatment plan decided.
Immediately after the consultation, the treatment can commence. The procedure itself is quite straightforward and takes only minutes. A fine needle is used to inject the targeted facial muscle.
Before leaving the clinic, we provide all our clients with comprehensive post-treatment care advice. We also provide an optional follow up appointment for assessment two weeks after treatment.
And if you’re not happy with your results …
You can reverse them! Unlike lots of other cosmetic treatments, lip fillers give long-lasting results, while being completely reversible (though this is a very rare occurrence as the doctors at Thérapie Clinic will use their expertise in consultation and treatment, in order to give you the desired look and result you wish to achieve).
Dermal fillers do disperse naturally in the human body over time and this usually takes around 6 to 8 months.
For more information on lip fillers at Thérapie Clinic or to book a consultation, contact us in the Republic of Ireland on 1890 650 750 or in Northern Ireland on 08000 121 565.