Lip fillers FAQ – 7 questions you need answers to

It’s 2020, and getting your lips injected is about as common as getting your hair highlighted. But, it’s important to remember getting lip fillers is a real procedure that should be administered by a fully qualified expert, like those at Thérapie Clinic. Get those plump lips you’ve always wanted!

1. What type of lip filler can I get?
You’ve got temporary and permanent fillers – at Thérapie Clinic, we only administer temporary fillers to ensure all our clients get the desired result from their treatment.

We use temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) filler – sugar derivative naturally found in your body that can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. For that reason, it’s a great hydrating ingredient for skincare as well as a great substance for injectables. It’s also preferred for its more natural look and ability to dissolve over time.

2. Can I remove my fillers once I get them?
The beauty of a temporary filler is that if you don’t like how your lips turn out for whatever reason, your doctor can inject an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase to break up the particles and accelerate the rate at which the fillers break down.

3. What will fillers look like on me?
At Thérapie Clinic we understand our clients’ need to trust in the safe hands of the professionals. That is why our highly-trained and skilled team is led by surgeon Paul Reddy. He ensures that all our procedures are carried out in an environment that are as exacting as a surgical theatre.

At Thérapie Clinic we use the worlds most tried and tested dermal filler, Juvederm. This product has been rigorously tested through clinical trials over the past 15 years and its records for safety and efficiency are outstanding. Juvederm has been used in 15 million treatments worldwide. The medical professionals at Thérapie Clinic will be able to advise you on the treatment needed to cater to your specific concerns, helping to achieve natural, beautiful results.

4. Are there any side effects associated with getting filler?
After the treatment some common injection-related reactions might occur, such as swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the injection site. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin will almost always cause bleeding or increased bruising at the injection site. No exercise except for walking for 24 hours after the procedure.

5. How much do lip fillers at Thérapie Clinic cost?
Lip enhancement treatments start at €195 per 0.5ml.

6. How big will my lips get?
You won’t leave Thérapie Clinic with immediately enormous lips. Expect to increase the size gradually over time for the most natural results. Since there’s a lot of swelling at first that can distort the shape, you need to give your lips time to adapt to the newly placed volume and settle into their natural state before assessing.

7. How long do lip fillers last?
About six months. However, this varies person-to-person. How long your lips stay plump and how quickly the filler breaks down really depend on your body’s metabolism.

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