A Brief Guide to Micro-Needling

Collagen is one of the main components of the skin, contributing to its firmness and structure as well as providing the natural youthfulness, luminosity and volume we all enjoy in our youth and want to keep as we get older. Essentially, collagen is key!

Unfortunately, as we age, our collagen levels begin to decline. In fact, even from as young as the age of 20, production of collagen can decrease by 1% per year (which is why it’s important to have a collagen-rich diet). This leads to the tell-tale signs of ageing appearing on the face, giving us wrinkles and lines. However, there are solutions that will help restore your youthful appearance and volume, and micro-needling is one such answer.

Micro-needling is a treatment which uses microscopic needles to puncture the skin’s surface. This triggers the body’s natural healing response, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen. Micro-needling improves the skin’s tone and texture and treats a range of conditions including stretch marks, acne scarring and pigmentation or sun spots from sun damage.

Despite this tried and tested procedure, there is a certain fear that surrounds this treatment, presumably due to the use of multiple needles. Is micro-needling as scary as it sounds? We have delved into the myths surrounding the treatment and answered your most frequently asked questions.

What does Micro-needling do?

As the tiny needles puncture the surface of the skin, they create channels in the dermis. The body’s healing process immediately gets to work repairing and renewing skin cells to fill these channels, producing collagen and elastin to do so. The new skin cells give the skin a brighter, rejuvenated appearance. The absorption of topical products can also be increased by up to 1,000 times, deeper into the skin’s layers allowing them to be far more effective.

Is this treatment for me?

Micro-needling can be used as a treatment for wrinkles, scars left from acne, burns or post-surgery and is also highly effective for reducing the appearance of or eliminating post-pregnancy stretch marks. 90% of women develop stretch marks while they are pregnant, across areas such as the abdomen, breasts and thighs.

Micro-needling is most effective when stretch marks are still red or purple in colour as the tear in the skin is more readily healed while the mark is newer.

The skin’s thickness can be increased by up to 80%, improving the appearance and texture, smoothing out scarring and pigmentation.

Does micro-needling hurt?

A numbing cream is used during the treatment to minimise any discomfort. Most people find it relatively painless. Each session lasts approx. 30 minutes.

Is it safe?

Yes. Unlike other treatments, micro-needling does not damage the protective layer of the skin. It is a non-surgical, non-chemical and non-ablative procedure. Infection post-treatment is very unlikely as the skin cells begin the renewal process immediately and close over within a maximum of 15 minutes after the skin has been punctured.

Is there any downtime required and when will I see results?

Very little downtime is required for micro-needling. Skin will most likely look and feel slightly sunburnt for 24-72 hours post-treatment and will begin to flake as skin cells begin to regenerate. Do not exfoliate, avoid heat and sweating as you risk irritating the skin. Skin will heal within a week and the results will be visible.

Does micro-needling work and are there alternative treatments?

Micro-needling is an extremely effective treatment, particularly for deep scarring and stretch marks. It treats the texture of skin and can smooth the skin’s surface. Similar treatments include:

  • iPixel Treatment uses a laser to target minute areas of skin to improve pigmentation, ageing skin and sun damage. It also treats acne scarring and boosts collagen and elastin production.
  • Jet-Peel Treatment exfoliates the skin using water and oxygen, improving its texture, hydration and circulation. The all-natural deep cleanse, adds oxygen, moisture and plumpness back into the skin. If you have problem areas or any specific concerns, vitamins and other ingredients can be infused into the solution.
  • Skin Peels are an exfoliating, resurfacing treatment to improve texture, firmness, appearance of wrinkles and brightness. There are a wide variety of skin peels available, both natural and pharmaceutical.

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