Enhance your beauty in Brent Cross!

Therapie Clinic Brent Cross is coming soon

Something new is coming to Brent Cross! Thérapie Clinic is a medical clinic offering a range of aesthetic treatments, and we’re continuing our expansion across London. With over twenty years of experience and 55 clinics across the UK and Ireland, we are Europe’s leading provider of treatments such as laser hair removal and anti-wrinkle injections.

We know that the people of Brent Cross want to look their best, and so, next month, we’ll be opening the doors to a brand new Therapie Clinic in Brent Cross. You’ll no longer have to travel into London to get our treatments because they will be on your doorstep. Having delivered over five million treatments, you know you’ll be in good hands. Plus, not only do we believe in high-quality therapies, but we also offer them at affordable prices.

Here’s what you need to know about Therapie Clinic Brent Cross.

When will Thérapie Clinic Brent Cross open, and where can I find it?

Our clinic is due to open on the second week of June. It is currently being fitted out to our high standards and to provide a calm and modern space that instantly makes you relax.

We believe in making our treatments easily accessible and have therefore chosen to open on the lower level of Brent Cross Shopping Centre. We really do mean it when we say that you can get your Botox injections of laser hair removal during a shopping trip.

A Therapie Clinic professional safely delivers laser hair removal treatment

What treatments will be available?

Thérapie Clinic Brent Cross will provide a variety of treatments. These include skin treatments for conditions such as acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation, as well as anti-wrinkle treatments, laser hair removal, and fillers for enhancing your natural appearance. To help you stay fully informed, we’re sharing some details of our most popular treatments options below.

Ditching signs of ageing

Whether we like it or not, the signs of ageing appear on all of us at some point or other. But that doesn’t mean we just have to accept them. Therapie Clinic Brent Cross will be offering numerous anti-ageing treatments. The most popular is probably anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox. This is due to their effectiveness. Rather than just making your skin feel smooth, they really do get rid of wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing key muscles.

They are quick and simple treatment, and usually, the whole process is over in a matter of minutes. Typical treatments include Botox for the forehead and Botox for crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. A treatment known as a Botox brow lift is also fast becoming a popular trend. Many of our customers report that these injectables not only leave them looking younger and feeling more confident, but their skin has so much of a glow, they stop wearing make-up.

But at Therapie Clinic Brent Cross, we also understand that you might have some reservations about having Botox treatment. For example, will it be painful, and could you end with a “frozen” look?  We’ll be honest, not all Botox treatments are the same. However, when you choose to go with the experts, you needn’t worry about these things. We use a tiny needle, so you barely feel a thing, and we specialise in ensuring your enhancements look natural. Looking ‘frozen’ is usually the result of too much Botox or receiving treatment from someone who is not adequately trained or qualified. At Therapie Clinic, you’ll get treated by a medical professional who’ll discuss what you want to achieve and then plan your treatment accordingly.

Plumping things up

However, it’s not just Botox injections that can tackle wrinkles. Another way these fine lines can develop is through a loss of volume in some areas of our face. This loss of muscle and tissue can cause the skin to sag and wrinkles to form. This tends to happen around the nose, cheeks and jawline. But Therapie Clinic Brent Cross will be providing a simple solution for this too with our dermal fillers treatments.

These are used to replace the lost volume. When this happens, the wrinkles are smoothed out. Just as you would expect from a professional medical clinic, you will receive consultations before and after your dermal fillers and all other treatments. This gives you the opportunity to discuss what you would like to tackle, and then we can advise you on the best possible course of action.

And to keep you safe and secure, our pre-treatment consultations are currently happening online, which means it’s even easier for you to get your treatment started.

But while dermal fillers can plump out key areas of your face, our most popular filler treatment is probably lip injections. These are the perfect choice for those looking for a fuller lip to give them the perfect pout. This treatment is sought by a broad age group and pretty much anyone who’s ever felt disappointed with their thin lips. We’re pleased to say that lip fillers will also be available at Thérapie Clinic Kingston. Yet again, this is a straightforward and simple treatment.

Banishing the unwanted hair

Finally, let’s talk laser hair removal. No one enjoys the laborious task of dealing with unwanted hair. Whether you currently choose to wax, shave, or sugar, they are all plagued by disadvantages, not least regrowth. However, laser hair removal is a permanent solution. That means no more ingrown hairs, rashes or itchy regrowth.

With advances in technology, laser hair removal is virtually painless and is suitable for all unwanted body hair, including the bikini area, underarms, legs and face. We’re even seeing an increase in demand when it comes to laser hair removal for men.

How much will these treatments cost?

At Therapie Clinic, we don’t believe in charging more just because you’re in London. In fact, we prefer to offer excellent results at affordable prices. You can find all our treatment costs here.

How to book with Thérapie Clinic Brent Cross

Booking your treatment at Therapie Clinic Bren Cross couldn’t be easier. Either book your free online consultation, give us a call on 08000 121 565 or download our app. We can’t wait to enhance your beauty.