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Men getting Laser hair removal



Laser Technology

At Thérapie Clinic, we believe in investing in only the very best of
medical grade lasers to provide the safest and most effective method
of hair removal.

We constantly stay abreast of developments in the industry to ensure
our clients receive the best results. We strive to not just meet our
clients’ expectations but to exceed them. To achieve optimum
results, we offer a consultation and patch test to each client.

Unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is sometimes used for hair
removal, we believe our state-of-the-art lasers are the preferred
choice for long-term hair removal. They can be used on large areas of
the skin. In addition, our systems have a built-in cooling unit too.

Laser machine
Cynosure machine

Medical Grade Lasers

At Thérapie Clinic, we believe in

The Elite+™ Aesthetic Workstation is a high-powered, dual-wavelength system that delivers energy faster for faster results. The Elite+’s wavelengths are the gold standard for hair removal on all skin types.

The Elite+ Aesthetic Workstation is built on two clinically proven wavelengths—the 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm YAG lasers, which allow Thérapie Clinic to perform aesthetic laser treatments with unsurpassed efficiency and client comfort.

The Elite+ ensures 44% more treatment area per pulse compared to standard machines, ensuring that you save precious time in the treatment room.

Elite+ offers a variety of spot sizes and adjustable pulse durations, allowing Thérapie Clinic to customize treatments to accommodate our client’s specific needs. We can choose the optimal wavelength to maximize performance and comfort for unwanted hair regardless of the patient’s skin type.


Only 6-8 Treatments Needed
Virtually Pain Free
All Skin Types
Superior Results



10 -20 Treatments Needed
I.P.L Can Be Painful
Fair Skin Only



Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser hair removal work?

A laser is a concentrated beam of light that we use to target your unwanted hair.

The light is converted to heat when it’s absorbed by the pigment in each hair, and this causes damage to the follicles where the hairs grow. This damage reduces future hair growth.

Can you treat all skin types?

Yes, all skin types are treatable at Thérapie Clinic as we only use medical grade lasers with the most advanced technologies that allows us to do this safely and effectively.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

While laser hair removal can reduce, delay or inhibit the hairs from growing, it’s not always a permanent solution to unwanted hair – unless the follicle is totally destroyed. You’ll usually need to undergo between six and 10 sessions to notice a significant reduction, as well as maintenance treatments.

How often can i have my treatments?

We recommend you leave a minimum of 4-8 weeks between your treatment times initially; this depends on the area you are treating and your hair cycle. As the number of growing hairs begin to reduce, we may space your treatments out further to ensure we always catch the hair in the correct stage of growth the anagen stage.

Do Thérapie clinic use an IPL machine or medical grade laser?

Thérapie Clinic only use the most advanced leading Medical Grade Lasers, not IPL machines.

I have blonde hair; can i still have laser hair removal?

Unfortunately, blonde, grey/white and red hair do not respond to laser hair removal treatment. The Laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair and these hair colours do not produce any pigment so will not be effective.

How many sessions do i need to achieve my desired result?

The number of treatments you will need is dependent on many factors: the area being treated, the type of hair being treated, systemic factors such as medications, medical conditions, stress & hormonal influences such as PCOS for example.

You will need at least 6 – 10 treatments to achieve optimum results.

Can you have laser hair removal while pregnant and breastfeeding?

It is not recommended to have Laser Hair Removal treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding however you can purchase any of our Special Offers and commence your treatments whenever you are ready

Do i need a consultation or a patch test prior to laser hair removal?

After purchasing your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you can immediately book your first treatment. There is no patch test or consultation required prior to this appointment.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

As with all treatments, it depends on the person and how sensitive they are, as well as the area being treated. We use Cynosure lasers, both of which have additional cooling devices to decrease sensitivity during treatment, the sensation is well-tolerated by most people.

Pre laser hair removal care:

Do not bleach or use depilatory cream for at least 4-6 weeks prior to your 1st treatment and stop using for the duration of the laser treatment.

No waxing, plucking, or threading at least 1 month prior to your treatment and stop these methods of hair removal for the duration of your laser treatment.

Shaving or cutting the hair is the only method of hair removal.

You MUST shave the area to be treated 24 hours before your laser treatment.

AHA/BHA facial/body scrub is recommended 1 week prior to and after your laser treatment.

Do not exfoliate the area being treated 2 days before and after your laser treatment.

Laser treatments cannot be done if the client has false or residue of false/natural tan on the area on the day of treatment.

You must use a recommended broad spectrum SPF on all areas being treated when exposed to daylight.

No lotions or oils should be used on the area prior to your laser treatment.

Therapie Clinic cannot be responsible for shaving, this is up to the client. We cannot do the treatment on the day if the area is not prepared.

Always inform your laser specialist of any change in medication or medical history before your laser treatment begins.

Please make sure fake tan is not present on day of appointment and has been fully removed.

Please inform your laser specialist of any tattoos you may have or get through the duration of your treatment including semi-permanent make-up such as lips and eyebrows.

No antihistamines or anti-inflammatories should be taken 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Post laser hair removal care:

Immediately after your Cynosure Elite Plus treatment you may notice the following normal expected responses reactions in the treatment area:

Redness: this can last up to 7 days after your treatment.

Swelling particularly in the hair follicle area: this can last up to 7 days after your treatment.

You may feel heat and itchiness in the treatment area: this can last up to 7 days.

Darkening of pigment: Areas of skin with pigment may appear darker initially. Although these responses on the skin may feel very strong, these are normal expected responses to the treatment. Please make sure you are clear on the steps you should be taking to make sure you protect the treated area.

Avoid touching, scratching or picking the treated area.

Keep the area cool and wear loose clothing e.g. do not wear tights or jeans.

Apply Thérapie Post Laser Aid following treatment as often as you like.

Only Mineral Based Make Up can be used directly after the treatment. All other make up should be avoided for 24 hours.

Avoid sun exposure for minimum 1 week after the treatment.

Use a Broad Spectrum SPF at all times.

Do not apply deodorant for 24hrs after the treatment.

Avoid very hot baths or showers for 24hrs.

Avoid steam rooms & saunas for 48hrs.

Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water for 48hrs.

Avoid treatments in the same area such as: chemical peels, injectables or derma pen treatments for 4 weeks.

You can use our recommended AHA/BHA Exfoliating Body/facial Cleanser to help exfoliate the affected hair. This should be used 3 days after treatment and then be used 3 times per week. This product will help the skin appear brighter and smoother!

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